New Anime Review Scoring

Based on the poll I posted last week, people’s comments on that post, and my own thinking, I’ve decided to revise my anime review scoring (and eventually my manga review scoring too, probably).  As a result, I’ll be scoring anime thusly from now on:

I’m keeping 3 of the 6 “sub-scores” from before as-is — Animation, Music, and Dub (if applicable) — and I’m merging together the Story and Coherence/Story Arc score into a combined “Story” score.  What was previously the “Gut Score” score will effectively become the “Overall” score for the series, and will be scored independently from the above 4 scores.  I’ll also be moving to a 0-5 point scale for scoring, from my current 1-10 point scale.

As for shifting things over to the new scoring system, the Anime Review page will be split up into sections during the process – with a list for the old scoring system for series I haven’t re-reviewed and a list for the new scoring system.  New reviews that I’ll try to put out weekly will use this new system, as well as series I re-review during my podcast, and I’ll try to do re-review another series sometime during the week (probably one I’ve already reviewed on my podcast).  That way I hope to at least get at least 2 old series over to the new scoring system weekly.  If I feel up to it, I may increase it to 3 a week later.

I hope this will make series both easier to score for me, and make the scores easier to understand for readers.