CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 22 [END]

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 22 – the final episode of the series proper. Stuff happens, then more stuff happens, then other stuff that I don’t understand happens,then it ends.

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This episode starts in the alternate world, where the robot tries to keep the girl moving in the blizzard, but can’t and starts to have thoughts that he should never have led the girl o the trip, mirroring Tomoya’s refound thoughts about how he should have never met Nagisa. The girl then wakes up and tells the robot a dream she had: the two of them lived in another world long ago, and were very close. The robot says they should return, but the girl says she can’t or else all the glowing balls of lights, which are the “feelings of people from the other world” would meet misery.

The girl goes on to tell the robot that he has an alternate self in the other world and that he’ll soon fall sleep in the alternate world and wake up in the other world. However, the girl says that he will get to see her there, but she’ll appear as many shimmering lights which will become a powerful power when gathered together. There is then a huge light and explosion, which blows the robot away and, just before the two disappear from the alternate world, the girl says goodbye, daddy.”

Suddenly Tomoya, who had been moping in a dream-like state “wakes up” and realizes that it was still great to meet Nagisa, and thus “meets her” again in his dream, where Nagisa tells him to never loose himself and never believe that they should never have met.

Then something happens and Tomoya finds himself back at Ushio’s birth, however this time Nagisa lives. When Tomoya looks outside, he sees the town filled with glowing balls of light. We then have a montage of the next 5 years of Nagisa, Tomoya, Ushio, and other people that we know.

Finally, we end with Kouko out walking with her sister Fuko, who is acting childish as usual. Eventually they walk by the hospital, where Fuko senses “someone” and runs off into the woods nearby. There she briefly gets a glimpse of the girl from the alternate world, but then on second look, it ends up being Ushio. Fuko then asks Ushio to play with her and tells her that the fun’s just begun….

OK, am I the only one who thinks that this episode is challenging the last two episodes of Evangelion in it’s abstractness and convolutions?

I somewhat get the “whats,” such as when the robot “returned” to the world, Tomoya “woke up,” though I’m not really sure why nor what all the scenes in the alternate world before this were supposed to do, other than remind us that it was there (and I guess create the relationship between the girl and the robot). Also, I know that the glowing balls were apparently able for Tomoya to “go back” to an Ushio birth where Nagisa survived, but we only saw the glowing balls twice that I can remember, and I’m not sure why this happened now (other than it being caused by Tomoya “waking up”). And what caused the girl and robot to disappear from the world to begin with? The girl dying? I still don’t get that either.

And what was up with the long Fuko scene at the end, which took up the final third of the episode, and seemed to be rather pointless except for having Fuko and having her meet Ushio (suggesting that she saw her in the form of the girl in the alternate world) for…what reason? Hope for Fuko’s future? A Fuko-centric sequel? I have no idea. At first I thought it might lead into the next special episode, but it’s not based on the preview.

In any case, this episode just felt to me like one where a writer or movie director ran out of money and so decided to just “make things happen” to end the story. I realize that such “miracle” endings are nothing new for Key/Visual Arts story, but I at least feel that you could generally follow what was happening with Air and Kanon, though moreso with Kanon. At least Air has the excuse of only being 12 episodes, but even then we had several episodes with Yukito reincarnated to make the final reincarnation at the end not as confusing. The problem here is that everything is explained in maybe 10 minutes and then bang, we’re back to Nagisa living. If they were going to do something like this, I think it should have been better explained so you’re not going “huh? what happened?” at the end.

If this episode was supposed to be emotional due to Nagisa and Tomoya’s reuniting, it didn’t happen to be because I think I was too busy trying to figure out what in the heck was happening.

My other problem with an ending such as this is that it basically buts everything that happened after the Nagisa death episode (episode 16) into an alternate reality that didn’t “really happen” in a sense (unless Tomoya still remembers it, and it’s unclear that he does) because, well, Nagisa didn’t really die in the end. It also creates the paradox of, how could there be a miracle to “save” Nagisa if she doesn’t need saving, and if she doesn’t need saving, then there is no miracle, but if there is no miracle, then how can she be saved?

In any case, I either wish they would have either had a “Nagisa and Ushio are dead, live with it” type ending, or they had spent more than 10 minutes explaining what was happening. And shouldn’t we have seen a lot more glowing balls than we did if they were so important to the miracle at the end?

I guess to round things up, I wondered how they could get everything finished in one episode and in the end, in my judgement, they really didn’t. And even then they still only used half the episode. They just made the ending a muddled, confusing mess which disabled the entire emotional effectiveness of the final third or so of the season. Why cry over Nagisa’s death if she ends up coming back? Why get emotional about Tomoya finally coming to grips with being Ushio’s father if that never happens? And so on. In the end, this episode could have had a worse ending…but I’m not sure by very much.


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  1. Yeah, I didn’t quite get the ending as well. I only saw like one, give or take a few, glowing ball in the past episodes. Should’ve took a bit more time to explain it.

    However, time reset -> good ending.

    • I guess another part of the reset I didn’t like (I keep coming up with reasons) is that…what was the moral of the story about Nagisa dying and Tomoya “coming back” to accept it? That a miracle might happen and you’ll go back in time and things will be “right?” I think while the reset does result in a “happy” ending, it does it at the expense of probably the best arc in the entire series.

      I go back to thinking that it either needed another ending, or it needed to be explained better so that we actually understand why the past 6 or 7 episodes were necessary to begin with other than beating up on Tomoya.

    • I think the story is that tomoya had to go through this hardship to make himself a better person.
      I still really dont understand this though, after nagisa dying you learn to think ok thats ok theyre living a happy life ushio and tomoya after he realises he needs to be a father figure to her and protect her.
      (i especially liked they way they said they were off to nagisa’s picture ) then when Ushio dies i kinda just thought …. “what the hell”. I mean they just completely hate tomoya, i was pretty sad at the end and to have that all turned back into a ending where nagisa is alive, its almost , i dunno “surreal” yo put in terms. You know what i mean ur kinda like… “but theyre dead” ^^

      anyway is it just me or isint there 50 episodes? i thought i saw that somewhere, what are the about?

    • clannad~after story~ ending:
      Ushio does die. Nagisa did die. However, Clannad has a reset ending. The girl in the other world is an older Ushio, and the bear-robot is Tomoya. In the end of the anime, TIME GOES BACk to when Nagisa gives birth to Ushio, but she lives this time. It has a happy ending. Fuko comes out of her coma for real at the end, too.

  2. I COULDNT agree with you more.

    They should definitely have taken the “Nagisa and Ushio are dead, deal with it” approach because that would make a lot of sense. Moreover, exactly as you said, Episode 16 to Episode 21 was just a waste then. 5 episodes that meant ABSOLUTELY nothing. 5 weeks gone to waste.

    Also, the ending just didnt make a lot of sense. I had to read comments by people who had played the game to understand properly what exactly happened. Also, the whole concept is ridiculous. You gather enough “light orbs” and you can go back in time and save someone? Keep at least a hint of reality man. Clannad ~After story was going pretty damn solid till Episode 21. The ending made the WHOLE series into another goddamn kids Disney cartoon where “everyone lives happily ever after”.


    • I think you’re wrong Hatebreed I mean think about it when Nagisa and Ushio is dead then the world has ended for Tomoya and there is nothing after that because it has ended just as we see with much older Ushio and robot, there is nothing at all.

  3. I for one, couldn’t think of any other ending at this point. After all the warmness of the earlier episodes and all the themes on family and kindness, how could this kind of ending pan out? Nagisa and Ushio both being taken out of Tomoya’s life, leaving him with nothing. What would he have done at this point if he had talked to Ushio in the Illusionary world and woke up back in the “real” one with Ushio dead in his arms? I don’t see how he could recover from this; I wouldn’t even want to see him at that point. All the things that happened to him aren’t invalidated by the ending. Tomoya had to go through all that suffering in order to become a better person, and even though It’s a reset I’m sure he still remembers. This kind of ending was a long time coming.

    • I agree with you on that, they build up such a nice story only to kill the characters in the end was’nt all that great an idea. However, now that they’ve wasted 5 episodes on Nagisa has died, they shouldnt have just come up with a super freaking miracle and saved Nagisa. They spent 110 minutes (22min * 5 episodes) into showing how devastated and Tomoya is and how hes crying everytime and in 15 minutes (half of episode 22), they’re happily back again like NOTHING every happened. That is just plain wrong.

      Secondly, as much as i didnt want Nagisa to die, i will have to admit, the fact that she did die actually made me get hooked on to this show even more. It made it much more realistic, everyone knew Nagisa was sick since the first episode but the fact that they actually killed her took me by complete surprise. They should’ve stuck to the “nagisa dead” thing.

      • I played the VN all the way through long before I saw the anime go through all of this, and I have to say, bringing her back for the true ending was a lot more believable and fluid. I still think I would rather see this kind of ending rather than just Tomoya and Ushio alone, it wrecks the whole family thing and personally it never felt right. I’ve read a lot of comments with people talking about how Ushio should have lived and then Tomoya and Kyou should have hooked up and all that… but I don’t see than panning out. Where was Kyou the whole time that Ushio was sick? She never even visited, I know the whole thing was surreal but nobody besides the Furukawa family ever showed up or said anything to support Tomoya while he was caring for her (neither in the anime or VN). It wasn’t a wasted five episodes either, with Nagisa out of the picture and Tomoya raising Ushio on his own (eventually) he grew a lot stronger and eventually a lot kinder. That carried over to give him his chance to set things right.

  4. I can imagine how this kind of end can happen in the game – if you play well enough, you’ll get the deserved ending (i.e. you can call out to Nagisa at that time to save her). But the intepretation of the anime is really confusing and disappointing. Though I knew what would happen before I watched this episode, I still couldn’t help thinking: “What the…? They made it feel like after Ushio’s death, the whole happy ending is just Tomoya’s mere fantasy when the truth is maybe he’s gone crazy” or something like that. Anyway, I think this ending should have had more explanation on the “lights” that have been uncousciously collected during the anime, and it should spend more time explaning the alternative world as well.

    Btw, about why should 5 episodes be spent on Nagisa’s death – I think it’s reasonable enough because her death cause Tomoya to become depressed just like his father did, so they can clear the misunderstanding that has been there for too long. And also that makes Tomoya treasure Ushio more than just “a baby the girl I love has”, so I think it makes lots of sense after all.

    Anw, it’s end and it’s the happy ending I wanted, but somehow I’m unsastified…

    • In the game you have to to go through Nagisa’s death and the subsequent events before you can get to this ending. I do however understand that some people may have difficulties understanding the lights as they aren’t blatantly explained, same goes for the alternate world. However for me I feel that all the little bits of information about both of these topics over the series either direnctly, (Yukine’s telling of the folktale that regards the lights) or indirectly, (Nagisa’s line of “would you like me to take you to the place in town where wishes come true”) when collected together explain both topics rather well.

  5. i thought the ending was truly immense i can understand it was done rather quick but it still was fantastic to watch both of the series hav been all the way through the wishing orb things were cool in order to bring nagisa back to life and to understand wat part the robot and the girl played through the series people hav been moanin about them 5 eps goin to waste but i though they were fantastic to watch it kept u at the edge of ur seat wonderin wat was goin to happen next and the then cums out with the best possible ending ever great to watch!!!

  6. I agree that one of the morals of the story was ignored when it came to the ending. However, throughout the entire series, the town was described as a place where wishes come true. It also helps with the very first plotline introduced in the very first episode: Tomoya’s feelings about the city. By the last episode, Tomoya has been given a miracle from the city and now loves it as much as Nagisa.

    By the way, the ending is actually a lot less ambiguous than it seems. It’s just as it looks: Tomoya and Ushio were the girl and robot reincarnated into another world, Ushio inspires Tomoya to give life another chance, Tomoya calls out to Nagisa and realizes that he wouldn’t wish that he and Nagisa never met, and dead zombie angel Nagisa and Ushio send him back and give him another chance with his family.

    It was bit confusing to me, yes, but if you don’t think about it too much you’ll just plain understand it. I think the only real problem with this ending is that, in trying to make it as great as the visual novel’s ending, they didn’t make it very clear, but otherwise it was a strong ending in my opinion.

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  8. . I think the ending was good. I think that if Ushio died it would have been a really emo series, which was never the point. Also this ending would have not had any message other than “Life is cruel, deal with it’ which is a really old lesson that ends in an unsatisfying ending. At the end of the day, you want to be satisfied with an ending unless you are an emo-f*g (Doesn’t necessarily have to be an everybody lives-ending, but one that doesn’t completely relly on what would happen in “reality”, unless the series focuses on that… this one doesn’t).

    The two posible endings in my eyes were the movie ending or this ending. Either Tomoya lives happily with his daughter, or the miracle finaly happens. With the latter, EVERYTHING is explained and makes sense. The lights now make sense, the story of the girl and the robot makes sense. The morals are still there, and are very powerfull, the fact that you shouldn’t forget what is most important to you, that you shouldn’t forget the legacy of the dead people you loved. You shouldn’t focus on the negatives of life, but on the positives. Yes, Nagisa died, but she left you a daughter, which is a message that connects to that of the first season in the play, where Akio says that their dreams didn’t die with Nagisa, they were reborn.

    Just because the story ends with a miracle doesn’t make the lessons any more real for all. And what happened in the previous epsidoes was not pointless because it was the catalyst to the miracle, without everybody’s fight, it would have never happened. I won’t go into explaining every single point in the series, like the lights, the parallel worlds and all the other stuff, but if you think about it well enough it all makes sense and nothing is pointless… except for Tomoyo’s arc ahaha. Tomo-pyon is awesome. If you think any of the final episodes was pointless then you didn’t get the series and you need to go watch more emo series like School Days (Crap show, glorified by it’s stupid ending and pathetic use of human emotions and psychology). Clannads ending is the best, when Ushio died I was about to give up on clannad, thinking to myself how forced the whole thing was for drama, but it all made sense in the end, so it’s all good.

  9. Hmm, I’m still iffy about the ending… It was good and at thr same time it wasnt so good. I think it looked like a dead end for the anime, but I got the ‘magical lights’ thing… I just wish they explained that it was the lights that changed back time. I never played the visual novel and I’m sure that a huge majority of people that watched it also didn’t. I did really like Clannad though, it was genious storytelling untill the ending was rushed so harshly. To tell the truth I think it would’ve been a hundred times better if they just portrayed Okazaki making a wish on the magic lights or something along those lines. With as small a spark as that I think it would have been a much greater success. I’ve gotta say though, I felt a very unfulfilled feeling at the end of it, its a good thing I got so much comedy releif from the extra hahahah. The ending did still have me dissapointed enough to come look for a forum to see if I wasnt the only one who felt it was unfullfulling. I know I wasn’t wrong though after seeing the responses of so many countless others though, despite what a few say, its very apparent it wasn’t a very well planned out ending since it got so much negative feed back. I mean its not like I tried hard to find harsh feedback… all I did was type “Clannad after story ending” into google, and the first thing I pulled up had people complaining in the comments.

    Oh well, it is what it is and I wont say I didn’t completely enjoy the anime, because its still one of my favorites. I mean it had awesome comedy relief, that’s something I think key is an expert in; Having great serious story line but somehow implementing incredibly funny comedy relief… I can’t say its better then Kanon, but it was a good watch overall despite the ending. I’d still recommend it to anyone though.

  10. ;/ I do think that key realized how harshly they did the episode too though… since they made an entire episode explain the entire story after wards… It made me think a little bit better of the ending, but still didn’t make it a great ending by any means. At least from that we can find out that Okazaki actually did remember the whole Nagisa dying thing…

  11. I really don’t understand what you wanted. I never saw the visual novels, I only watched the anime. Seriously though, It was very clear that the lights were what changed back time. Maybe it was just me, but everything made sense. Was it a perfect ending, no. Was it fullfilling, definately for me. It wasn’t rushed at all, I don’t think at least. Specially when you take into accout that they have been telling the story of the lights that grant whishes for ages. It’s hard for me to understand your point of view, because it’s hard for me to understand what you didn’t understand. But again, maybe I’m the only one who felt that everything made sense in the end. How could they have rushed it after they had 2 episodes to spare? I am 100% sure they knew how it was going to end, and they worked something out that is much more fullfilling than the movie.
    What did you want the ending to be? It was obvious that Nagisa was going to dies, so there were two outcomes. Either that was the end of it, or Okasaki’s life was recreated by the lights. Personally, I prefer a happy ending, since in this case, Nagisa not being saved by the lights would not have made the ending any more fullfilling. I prefer a meaningfull, painfull ending to a happy crappy ending. But in this case, the more painfull ending was not meaningfull at all. So I go with a happy ending which was not crappy, it was just sudden.
    The story is a fantasy, it doesn’t need to be “realistic”, so I think ending is a fit one for a fantasy. It’s something you could find in Folk tales, a fable, or “Fabulas” in spanish like those read to children (At least to me). I just want people to appreciate the ending the way I do. You just need to see it as a fantastical story, and take reality out of the equation. You need to be happy that a deux ex machina type situation happens where Okasaki’s life is returned to him. It could never happen in real life, which is what makes it so beautiful.

    • Would you mind, if anyone remember, which episode was Okazaki actually catching the ligh orbs?

      I remember him from time to time seeing the light, but never ‘caught any’ of them…
      No, I never played the VN myself.

      And sorry for writing the comment above before reading aforementioned one.

      I empathise with your view ipsilon, a happy ending is more digesting compared to a sad one. Timeline is comfusing, although very well patched together. Although I won’t say the ending wasn’t made in a rush, more developing about their after after life would be great and would impact greater on the theme of family.

      • “Would you mind, if anyone remember, which episode was Okazaki actually catching the ligh orbs?”

        It is in AS episode 19. After helping his Dad, Okazaki “catches” an orb. Remember when Ushio saw the light orb go into her Dad’s chest?

        She basically says “Light” which Tomoya misinterprets as her needing to be in the shade. Clannad makes sense if you are willing to believe that light orbs = send you back and time and save your wife.

        Thus, since the light orbs are people’s feelings, Clannad sends the message that all can be saved by the power of love. A classic ending.

  12. Thanks for the summary, it really helped me out. I coudn’t agree more, the ending is a bit confusing, but from a subjective view,

    I think the story goes that Tomoya lives in the real world, yet his mind is strange (he admitted to himself in the recap ep — “I have a strange mind”) and he also remembers that Ushio was born twice…

    So I am guessing that he has his memory intact after returning to the REAL REAL world of Nagisa’s second delivery…

    And “the goodbye papa” scene from the girl in the illusionary world, made me think that WAS USHIO, WHY?
    Well firstly, there is a scene they BOTH collapse in the snow = they both dead -_-

    And they end up in the illusionary world, with part of their memories, Ushio –> the girl , tomoya –> the robot?

    Because they both remember the dango song — another hint.

    Hmm, and morever, the adios by the girl made me think that the First Ushio that Tomoya left for 5 Years in his FIRST LIFE is GONE forever, i.e her memory is lost.

    I am guessing again…that the second delivery is a NEW Ushio with a new memory…yet contradiction again, what’s with ( I agree with you author-san) last third of the episode with Fuko seeing the illusionary world as Ushio?

    Ahh felt great writing this, hopefully made people satisfied a bit.

    Regardless, I was happy that it was a happy ending. I coudnt help but watching the montage several time just to embrace Tomoya’s family again and again…

  13. Hi, the glowing balls appeared a few times throughout.. not many. But there was a point where Tomoya saw one lifting into the sky, and the other made mention that since noone else could see it this made him special. I was thinking this might have been refereing to the eventual end. I do agree though that if they were going to ‘happy ending’ the series they should have had atleast a few episodes for the reset..

  14. well, in my opinion, it could have been AWESOME! if the MIRACLE healed Ushio!

    i mean, Nagisha sacrificed herslef to give birth to ushio,w e all cried over her death,a dnt eh after allt eh suffering Tomoya and Ushio come together, but as i expected Ushio inherited the illness from mom,

    so i always thou the girl in the world was Nagisa to start with, and witht eh Miracle, hmm… well, she somehow got to save Ushio and Tomoya goes back to work and they live all along. Also, this wouldnt throw away the chapters from 16 to 21

    The reset ending, well, yes those 5 eps aint a waste, Tooya had to pick up the… “orbes” (if i got ti right), but i dunno, i feel its TOO FICTIONAL for my taste, too much of a miracle -_-

    and i COULDNT AGREE MORE! 10 FUCKIGN MINS FOR THE END AND THEN THE FUKO EPILOGE?! that made me more confused than ever, i think i understood EVANGELION better than this -w-! and yes, it broke all teh emotional moment cuz i ahd to pay 150% atention to what the fuck was going on, nad anded up skiping parts of the fuko epilogo cuz i was like wtf! they put it all in 10 mins and then waste the ime on nonsense epiloge!? till i saw Ushio there <<;

    ALL IN ALL!!!, i understood what happened with the balls, orbes, etc… but it was basically too rushy, and i’d have prefered Tomoya & Ushio alive, liek ti was since they made up on that trip, and keepign NAgisas sacrifice, adn all, and orbes healing Ushios illness inherited from mom

  15. thou i’d love to see an OVA with Ushio being liek… 10 i dunno, older, like pre teen or soemthing liek that xD it would have been perfect to finish the Ep 22, either before fuko’s epiloge, or amkign the epiloge featuring ushio being older =?

  16. Another explanation could also be the alternate worlds we heard about.

    In one of the worlds, Nagisa and Ushio does die, however, in another world, they both live.

  17. well to be honest i think the girl and the robot in the snow is an imagery, the girl represents the daughter and how she isnt loved by anyone with the robot symbolizing a father-like person. when her world disappears, i see it as the end of the world of misery that tomoya has gone through all his life and that he finally finds peace when he dies. (the imaginary world dies as he dies) so he us thus finally in heaven with his wife and child and they are reunited so in a way it has some aspect of the afterlife in it which makes it such as beautiful anime. i feel that this anime is trying to send a message across that whatever bad experiences and losses we have on earth, is nothing compared to the joy that we will feel when we are reunited with our loved ones on day after death.


    Give a reasonable thinking to it. please

    I guess I understood somehow why Nagisa didn’t die. In some of the episode of Clannad After story (episode 8) Yukine Miyazawa , who tries to end the gang war that her brother Kazuto dream of. She says that if a person gets hold of the light orbs(balls) then he/she could grant a wish. Thats why when Ushio died Tomoya wished that she could be saved and wished that everything would had been normal had he not met Nagisa. So indirectly he wished for everything to be normal. Then the girl says to the robot that she cannot leave that planet cause she is bound to it as it is another dimension to people of earth’s feeling. Thus she asks Robot/tomoya to return and decide. Tomoya decides to meet Nagisa once again and thus his true dream is restored finding himself beside Nagisa during childbirth and everthing ends smoothly.Although in the third part Fuko finds the girl from the other world/Ushio left all alone under a tree. So i think that the robot on the other world sacrificed himself and send the girl instead after learning its his daughter. That means Tomoya sacrificed himself. So their could be 2 ending as I guess. The 1st one is more reasoning although it might also mean that Tomoya and Nagisa went off somewhere for a walk or the girl came running as she usually does near the hospital.

  19. Finally I have come to conclusion.

    When gathered it can form a miracle..

    The last and most important orbs came from Ushio and Tomoya’s father
    Before Ushio die, Tomoya blamed himself and had wish that he never met Nagisa, and so it happened
    They came back to the time where they first met each other
    BUT Tomoya shouted, From his heart NAGISA!
    after then he made things right..
    Unnoticingly, he got more orbs and saved Nagisa

    and also.. Episode 23 and Kyou’s World
    Was the ending where Tomoya choses not to talk with nagisa at the road where they first met..

  20. I forgot to add.. xD

    If Nagisa did’nt die Tomoya would never realize his father’s true intention. Y_Y
    It made me cry when Tomoya realizes how stubborn he is. T_T
    I was once like him.. Worthless son.

  21. Doesn’t anyone remember when Tomoya told his father to live with his mom then a ball of light hit tomoya chest as his father was leaving, you can’t tell me everyone forgot, that’s one of the reasons Nagisa comes back to life since the legend is if you catch on of the balls of light you get a wish, thous Tomoya wishs nagisa back to life.

  22. haha i love all these different thoughts but acually its obvisous what happens. ok lets go through this 1st if u watch the episode where nagisa and tomoya have a new year party at there place that smart girl that plays the voilin(not well) talks about how there are different worlds with the same people n stuff. well there is your hint.2nd the girl in that weird world is ushio and the robot is tomoya and the creators are very clever using this world. ok so when nagisa died she acually dies and then ushio and tomoya die also. now this is a confusing part so in the weird world the girl(ushio) and the robot also die because that world is distroyed since both of them die at the same time in each world they get put in another world with everything but a different outcome.thats why the smart girl was talking about it. lol after watching 14 times i no it very well. tomoya was not dreaming

  23. I think that the director messed up and tried to twirk things around cause if you watch the official clannad movie nagisa dies in a hospital while giving birth, tomoya gets depressed gives up on life and then 3years later reunites with ushio and realizes he was treating ushio the same way his father treated him (his dad wasnt a good guy in movie)picks ushio up and sees nagisas ghost bye a tree the end it was beautiful and satisfying but ther was no girl living in another world they added that

    • You have to remember that Clannad was originally a Visual Novel for which the anime holds relatively true to. The ending of the anime is the True Ending of the VN. The other world is very much part of the original story and it actually the movie that was ‘twirked around’ rather than the Anime. That is something that needs to be remembered when commenting on this topic. The director did not mess up with this ending but rather stayed true to Key’s original Story

  24. It’s not that the ending doesn’t make sense–the problem is that it is completely out of context in regards to how the story was being told. Up until the ending it was a beautiful Anime, mainly because it was dealing with very real problems/conflicts that occur within families/friends and how time eventually affords us the opportunity to see the events which have occurred in the past, tragic and heartbreaking as they may be, as a necessary step in deciding if one will engage in their will or keep reacting all the time. Taking responsibility for how we define ourselves because we care for those around us.
    Than that ending comes about and spoils it all.

  25. I think that the moral of the story is taken from the fact that even though he knew that Nagisa was going to die because of their being together he found that these events however were the happiest moments of their entire lives and that it could have ended up even worse without each other. He loved her no matter what was going to happen and she would have chose the same path. Moments like these however sad they can be at times can also be the most wonderful and joy filled moments you have or will ever have. They could change the person who you are. So many people blame themselves for being the purpose of similar events and that’s why they go into a depression at times. Then they wish that these things had never happened or they had never met the person. But some don’t relize that if they look back at how their lives were before meetings like this or what they would have been afterword, there is no joy, no love, no happiness, no miraculous change in life, that could compare to having chosen that path. I believe the story is beautiful and that many can learn from perspectives from this and use it in today’s life and maybe make that one change in someones life that, no matter the outcome, could become the best moments of both their lives.

  26. I really disliked how they decided to end the series. For the few episodes after we see Nagisa die we are thrown into an emotional roller coaster, and then finally once the the final loop hits and their daughter dies it’s like the director lost his balls and said “no, lets not do that to them lets give it a cheesy fantasy it was a dream ending.” I was pretty disappointed in how they took the easy way out and made the viewer feel like you wasted your time watching the last 4-5 episodes. I can’t stand those “illusion” endings. They make the story get to a point where it’s so bad that there’s no way out and they conveniently end it with one of those “it never happened” scenario’s.

    I had a lot of respect for the Clannad being that it was a more serious anime taking up on some serious subject matter and then going for the wish upon a star ending. Really was a slap in the face to people that have to deal with those issues and can’t wish upon some glowing orbs. If they wanted to make the anime realistic they should of kept it as Oshui (spelling) dying and have him either become stronger from it all and taking the chance to start a new life for himself away from “That” town that he hated so much or have him fall into a deep depression that Kyou rescues him out of and he gets to restart his life again and moving on by eventually falling in love with and later having a family with her (after all he took things rather fast with Nagisa them both being kids)., or a dark ending where Tomoya losses himself after seeing his daughter die and he commits suicide to join them both together in the after life (most realistic).

    The truth stands that from the events that occurred any realistic ending would not be pretty but the rainbow and sunshine ending completely train wrecks the series and seems so out of place for such a serious anime.

  27. After just recently finishing Clannad AS, I must say that I wasn’t confused. I understand how peole may end up confused, but for me I understood the orbs early on in the anime. This could be because of my understanding from what I know of the VN however. This is proberly why for me it also doesn’t throw the episodes out of the window as in the VN those were events were necessary for gathering the rest of the orbs needed for the true ending in which both Nagisa and Ushio survive. As for the how paradox situation, that world for me appears to be outside time. Especially considering the in which the robat describes his memories of a world that he lived in potentially in the past or the future.

  28. I agree that it was kind of a emotion kill when after all those hardships Nagisa and Ushio just somehow come back to life. However, Clannad was originally a visual novel and this kind of ending was possible by collecting light orbs throughout the game. It is mentioned in the anime about the folk tale that the light orbs could grant wishes. When Tomoya finally came to terms with his father he was able to receive a light orb. I got really emotional of course with the episode of Nagisa’s death and the bonding Tomoya and his daughter had. In fact, I remember in episode 18 of AF that I teared up a lot when Ushio was like, “The only places where you can cry is in the bathroom and in your father’s arms.” Anyways, happy times come, and then Ushio suddenly becomes sick just like Nagisa. She eventually dies. Such a sad thing is better than the happy ending? Can you sleep any better thinking, “Oh great! The love of Tomoya’s life died! And after giving up everything to give birth to Ushio she dies anyways!” rather than “Oh, well the ending was a bit too fictional.” If the ending is badly explained, play the visual novel, or even just look into it on the wiki. Clannad is tagged under Fantasy too anyways.

    It’s true that it was a lot less realistic, but that’s the story, that’s what the other world with the girl was there for. So what if it’s a little less realistic? It ends with Tomoya finally recovering and then he lives just to see his daughter die in his arms? Life sucks so don’t find love or else this will happen? I don’t think that was their intentional moral. In fact, it was probably the exact opposite. On the last episode, before everything changed, Tomoya was thinking just that; If only I hadn’t fallen in love with her. Tomoya finally called out to Nagisa and learned that he didn’t regret anything. Okay, he doesn’t regret anything, but everyone still dies, the end. No, I wouldn’t want that. A miracle happens, that whole point of the light orbs happens. Tomoya did not forget that Nagisa had died before, but I’m sure he’d rather have the altered future anyways.

    Just personally, but I’d rather see this:

    Than Tomoya all alone in the end with nothing. Also, you must have super human powers to have been able to read through all of this.

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