What a Game!

I know this has absolutely nothing to do with anime, but I just got done watching (on the teevee) my alma mater, Syracuse, beat #4 Connecticut 127-117 in six overtimes.  Only 3 other games in the history of NCAA basketball have ever gone that long – two six overtime games in the 1950s and one seven overtime game in 1981.

And just to give some perspective: Syracuse didn’t lead in any of the first five overtimes.  It’s almost unfathomable how a team could push a game to six overtimes without ever leading in any of them except the last.  Also, eight players fouled out – four on each team – with Syracuse having to use 2 players who combined probably haven’t played a full game worth of minutes for the whole season.

And Syracuse played last night (and has to play again tomorrow in the Big East semifinals).  It was truly epic.