Poll: Review Scoring – Some Thoughts

Since I’ve been going through my redesign, I’ve also been thinking about how to possibly improve other aspects of the site as well.  One of the things which always seems to bubble up every now and then are how I score anime series.

Right now my method is to give a score to story, animation, music, coherence (if applicable), dubs (if applicable), and my own gut score, weight those scores, then average them into a final score.

The things I like about this way of scoring is that it makes creating the final score less arbitrary (it’s an average instead of a “here’s the score”) and the final score is very specific.  However, the negative side to this is that the final scoring may be too specific and sometimes there may be a temptation to “fudge” the sub-scores in order to get an final score which I think is more appropriate.

So, I was thinking that I kind of have four choices:

  1. Keep how I score anime the same
  2. Score it the same, just round scores to the nearest percent (at least makes it a little less fine)
  3. Detach the sub-scores from the final score.  What I mean is that I’d still score things like animation, story, etc., but they aren’t actually formally used in determining the “final” score, which would basically become what my “gut score” is now.
  4. Just do a final score without any sub-scoring.

I’m kind of wavering between the two, but I wanted to find out what people who visit blog find to be the most useful to determining whether they may want to watch a series or not.  As a result, I’ve created a poll with each of these 4 options (and an “other” option, in case you come up with something I haven’t thought of).  If you want to explain your opinion further, feel free to do so in the comments as well.

[poll id=”9″]