New Dragonball: Evolution Clips

Check them out (if you dare).

If we didn’t already have enough evidence that this movie was going to bomb, this should pretty much guarantee it.  Those clips got me close to breaking my record for most facepalms per minute.

I mean, seriously, how did whoever made this movie possibly even comprehend that it would do well.  The only thing I can imagine is that they’re going for the “kids movie” route (it is rated PG), which is sort of what Speed Racer was doing as well.  However, it’s trying to sell itself as some action blockbuster at the same time (kind of like Speed Racer as well).  However, unlike what Dragonball: Evolution appears, Speed Racer was kind of, you know, actually half-way good.

Speed Racer opened with about $18.6 million on a 4-day opening weekend.  We’ll see if Dragonball: Evolution can even match that on a 5-day opening weekend.  I’ve never seen a movie seen almost unanimously as a joke before it screened since such classics as Bangkok Dangerous ($7.8 million opening), Son of the Mask ($7.5 million opening), and, of course, the bombs of all bombs, Gigli, which had a $3.8 million opening.  I’m not necessarily joking when I say “we’ll have to see if it beats Hannah Montana: the Movie.”

Perhaps it’s only chance is that enough people are curious enough about it that it mostly earns what it costs to make, ala The Dukes of Hazzards (which made about $80 million total).