Web Stats for February 2009

Here it is again…the post no one but I and a few other people in the known universe care about…the web stats post! Get all the numeric goodness below the fold!

February 2009 Stats Chart

Percent change in ( ) is from January.  Percent change in [ ] is from February 2008.

Visits: 12,150 (-10.5%) [+275.3%]
Page Views: 21,156 (-7.8%) [+259.9%]
Absolute Unique Visitors: 10,253 (-6.9%) [+311.1%]

This translates into:

Visits/day: 433.9 (-0.9%) [+288.8%]
Page Views/day: 755.6 (+2.1%) [+272.7%]
AUV/day: 366.2 (+3.1%) [+325.8%]

Even though that first numbers look bad, one also has to consider that February does have 3 fewer days than January, so I’d have to out perform January by somewhere along the lines of 11% a day to even break even on the total montly numbers.  Looking at the daily averages, visits essentially remained unchanged, while page views and unique visitors both increased, meaning more different people are visiting, and they’re looking at more pages.  Indeed, pages views per visit increased from 1.69 in January to 1.74 in February.  I’m now already over 25,000 visits and 40,000 page views in 2009 after only two months (I had about 86,000 and 159,000  total, respectively, in the entirety of 2008).

We still also see an incredible increase over 2008, with February’s increases over 2008 doing even better than January’s, with all 3 figures either almost or over tripling last year’s numbers.

The 5 busiest days in February (in visits):

  1. February 28 (547)
  2. February 8  (535)
  3. February 15 (529)
  4. February 7 (512)
  5. February 2 (483)

No days with over 600 digits in February, vs. three such days in January, but there were 20 days over 400 visits, and every day but one had at least 350 visits.

Top 5 visited posts (in page views):

  1. Top 10 Anime of 2008 (1,937)
  2. Winter 2009 Anime Preview (1,489)
  3. Top 10 Anime Endings of 2008 (457)
  4. CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 16 (414)
  5. CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 17 (320)

The top 3 pages are still holdovers from past months which are still going strong, with the next 4 top posts all belonging to CLANNAD.

In February, there were visits from 135 countries, with 18 nations giving me at least 100 visits and 63 giving me at least 10 visits.  For the 3rd straight month, every US state has given me at least one visit, with 15 states giving me at least 100 visits.

55% of visitors use Firefox, with now 90.8% using some version of Firefox 3.  32.7% of users are using Internet Explorer, with 77.2% using IE7, 21% still using the bane of minkind IE6, and 1.8% using the IE8 beta.  Opera makes up 4.5% of browsers, while 4.1% users Safari and 2.8% is using Chrome.


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  1. Perhaps the most hilarious thing about this is…I just looked at the web stats for the college that I work at (not for the whole university, but the college within the university) and I actually beat them in visits and unique visitors in February, though they did have about 50% more page views than I did.

  2. hmmm… was I @ the wrong website? I certainly did type the right URL… I wonder what happened to JAB… maybe I’m @ the wrong site.

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