CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 20

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 20, and Tomoya gets to meet Ushio’s teacher, as well as spends a day with Fuko, where we learn about Tomoya’s alien wife. Hu-hu desu.

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Ushio’s teacher has returned from her trip, so Tomoya decides to go to school early with Ushio to meet her. But who ends up being Ushio’s teacher but Kyou (along with her now full-grown boar Botan).

At work, Yoshino says that Fuko wants to visit Ushio, and urges Tomoya to accept, as to help open Fuko up. Tomoya agrees since Ushio seems to like Fuko as well. Of course, once Fuko arrives, hilarity ensues, including the return of Fuko’s starfish in the form of made-to-order bread from Sanae.

One day at school, Usiho is given a form about the sports fest. Akio’s been asked to run on the school’s faculty sprint team, since the principal can’t run, and he and Sanae insist on Tomoya running on the parent’s team as well. However, the day before the sports fest, Ushio comes down with a high fever…

This was a pretty good episode. I think it was pretty obvious to most everyone after last week who Ushio’s teacher was going to be. Kyou said that Ryou, Kotomi, and Sunohara were all still worried about him, so we might see them again pretty soon. (and I guess Tomoya seeing Kyou every day would normally be a good chance for those two to hit it off, but I suppose that’s water under the bridge at this point.)

I’m curious as to Fuko’s insistence that Tomoya sees a bit of Nagisa in her. One could maybe dismiss it as Fuko just being Fuko, but I’m not convinced that it’s just that. But I’m not sure exactly what it would mean otherwise.

We also see in this episode that Ushio regularly walks to the new hospital while Tomoya is at work. It, of course, rests on the field where Nagisa came back to Akio, and where he used to regularly walk to as well. Though Ushio out walking alone like that seems to be asking for trouble.

And of course, there is the end, where Ushio gets a high fever. Given Nagisa’s trouble with getting sick, I’m sure everyone justifiably gets alarmed when Ushio starts showing the same symptoms.

5 thoughts on “CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 20

  1. Did you notice how Kyou addresses Sunohara as “Youhei?” I found that pretty interesting. Even if they are adults now, it suggests that Kyou and Youhei have become close somehow.

    As to Fuuko-chan, I’m hoping for some sort of something from her. I half-expected her to say something that would make Tomoya wonder how she knew that. I do enjoy having her back though.

    As to Ushio, I can’t understand how anyone would leave a five year old child alone, even for 1 hour.

    • I did notice that, though I’d need to go back to see whether she did during their whole graduation thing or not too (is that the last time we saw them together?)

      I have a feeling that we’re going to have some sort of “glowing ball” moment with Fuko as well, though if we’re going to start having “glowing ball” moments, we’re running out of episodes. We have, what, 4 left?

  2. I also noticed the name chance so to say. I was a little taken aback.
    One thing I can’t picture is Tomoya turning to one of the other girls. It’s something that doesn’t let me picture it. Maybe the perfect picture between him and Nagisa, like they were especially designed to fit each other … and they were … by the animators XDXD
    Sorry, got carried away.

    • Well as I said, any chances of that – and they were always slim to none to start with – is probably already well, well past. In real life, it might not be shocking to see Tomoya move on and get married, but this is a show, not real life, soo….

  3. i really like fuuko she is so cute she love her sister so much but when she went school ceremony she died on car accident

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