Happy Birthday! Josh's Anime Blog is now 3 Years Old!

My, how time flies.  This past year was a somewhat rough one, with various factors such as school, work, and apathy last fall leading to some somewhat dead stretches in my blog.  Yet, despite this, this blog still seems to be chugging along, about as good as always.

Happy Birthday!

I don’t have anything particularly new planned until I get finished with my masters in May (Finally!), but once that arrives, I’m sure to start looking at new things for my blog (of course, if you have any good ideas now, feel free to throw them into a comment anyway).

However, despite my semi-hiatuses and other things (it’s not like I’m an uber active member in the anime community.  I’m like one of those sicknesses that shows up suddenly for a little while, then suddenly disappears to lurk in the darkness again), I have a decent shot of breaking 100,000 visits in the 2009 calendar year.

Believe me, those are numbers which I probably would have never imagined when I started this blog, on my old domain, using some program called Simple PHP writing anime reviews maybe once a week or so (I didn’t even get into episode reviewing until the Spring 07 season, so the end of the current season will also mark 2 years of doing episode reviews).