Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 22 [END]

It’s (finally) Nijuu Mensou no Musume episode 22. It’s been 3 years since the incident in Tokyo, and the Detective Girls are able to reunite for one final mission.

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Shunka arrives in London 3 years after Chiko left Japan in order to visit her. Shunka arrives at Chiko’s place and finds Tome there, but finds out that Chiko is still at school. Shunka goes to Chiko’s school and finds her kicking fencing ass there.

Shunka ends up telling Chiko and Tome all that’s been going on: Tokyo has been rebuilt, Akechi is now a famous detective, and Akine is still pretending to be more important than he actually is.

One day at a market, the trio find a lost boy, and attempt to search for his parents. Shunka believes she sees a man matching his father’s description going into a foggy alley, so Shunka, Chiko, and the boy follow. However, there they end up finding a murderer who has been in the news lately. Chiko is able to fend him off until they can escape, but when the murderer tries to give chase, Ken and Kayama show up to take care of him.

In the end, Tome finds out that the boy’s parents were waiting for him at a police station and the situation is resolved. The trio soon say their goodbyes, however, as Shunka has to return to Japan to get married. Chiko then heads towards a field to pay her respect to Twenty Faces’ gang, where she ends up meeting an old friend…

I suppose this was a fairly decent “where are they now” type episode to wrap up the season. Ken decides that Chiko no longer needs him lurking around and decides to go his own way. Shunka ends up getting married in her arranged marriage. Chiko, meanwhile, had decided to live as much like a normal girl as she can.

It’s also hinted that Twenty Faces may be back to his old ways, but under a new name, with the mysterious “one-eyed thief K’ going around doing things like stealing mummies. And, of course, it’s implied that Twenty Faces and Chiko meet up again at the very end.

I’ll write up my full final thoughts later, but this series was a kind of up and down ride. It kept throwing the unexpected at you with mixed results, and where the characters ended up wasn’t necessarily where I was expecting. I just kind of wish the last episode went out with more of a bang, but at least it wasn’t a total dud either.

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  1. hi, may i know where did you watch or downloaded episode 22? I’m having a hard time looking for it. >.<

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