Welcome to Josh's Anime Blog Version 6!

Welcome to Josh’s Anime Blog Version 6! This design is a pretty radical design change from my last one. This design features a bigger content column, including a full width first post, with most of the important sidebar things, such as the list of tags, categories, pages, etc. moved up to the top horizontal navigation.

As a part of this, I’ve also added three new themes for the site: Please Twins, Shakugan no Shana, and Toradora.  However, unlike the old design, the only thing the theme will change will be the banner.  Colors on the site will remain unchanged.

Another big change was moving from the sandbox theme to thematic, where I am taking full advantage of it’s child theme ability, both with CSS and with php functions, where I’ve taken over a couple of the things that I used to have to edit actual plug-in or core wordpress files to get what I wanted.

Another change is that I have now enabled nested comments, which can go 5 comments deep.

As usual, if you notice any bugs, please let me know.  I think I tested the site pretty thoroughly, but that doesn’t mean I caught everything.  The one thing I know still isn’t fixed as of the launch is going back and redoing all of the youtube video links, but I’ll get around to that when I get around to it (these should now work).  However, everything else should work fine.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Josh's Anime Blog Version 6!

    • Good Catch. I’ll fix. Yeah, I did a straight copy and paste without thinking there. I’ll have to think to see whether I did that anywhere else too.

  1. You have to watch the order you put the nested color CSS attributes in, because they overwrite each other or something, I think.

    Haha looks like it is still hard for me to remember to click the Reply button as well.

    • Yeah, the styles for the comments get pretty wild because of the nesting lol.

      Though the reason it wasn’t working was that the comments on the test site had a class (li.comments) which this site didn’t. I thought that was kind of weird, but oh well, it was easily fixed.

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