Quick Design Redesign Update

I’ll stick this up just for a quick update to my old post and because it’ll soon be off the top due to my next CLANNAD post, but, anyway, the update:

Link to design test

I was able to fix the gallery plug-in that I got and altered it so that it worked like I wanted it to, so yay for that (though in the end, part of my concern ended up being irrelevant too, but it still would work even if it wasn’t).

I have a couple more ideas that I’m playing around with to test, but if people were up to it, I was wondering if people could check out my youtube and image tests to see what they thought (as well as the overall design again).

The only annoying thing is that youTube (or at least the video I tested) seems to register a framerate of 22 (framerate used for HD content) as “not available” when used with non-HD content (or like I said, at least the video I tried embedding that wasn’t HD), meaning that I have to pay attention to frame rate when posting youTube content.  I was thinking of writing my own youTube plugin, since all my youtube stuff like height and width are set by CSS, so I’m not using youTube’s embed code, but that’s more something I’ll get around to sometime.  But that would make some of these issues like trying to edit the long-ass embed url for each post easier.  I’ll probably also try to do some sort of test for multiple youTube videos as well (I’m thinking side-by-side for the top post, and one over the other on all other posts and pages)


4 thoughts on “Quick Design Redesign Update

  1. Seems ok to me, but perhaps you should post small screenshots of what the test posts should look like. I didn’t notice anything breaking when I visited.

  2. I’m using Firefox and I noticed on your front page that the youtube test #3 post takes the entire width and pushes the sidebar down. When I click on that entry to call up the page, it displays properly.

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