CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 19

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 19. Ushio starts living with Tomoya, and the two go to see Tomoya’s father, and also run into an old friend.

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Tomoya and Ushio return from their trip, and find Akio and Sanae back and home waiting for them. Tomoya then prays at Nagisa’s alter and visits her room for the first time in years, if not since her death. There, Tomoya apologizes to Sanae for pushing Ushio onto her for all those years.

Tomoya and Ushio sleep over at Akio and Sanae’s house that night, where Tomoya wakes up in the middle of the night to overhear Akio and Sanae talking. Sanae talks about how raising Ushio was a way to keep them occupied and keeping their minds off what happened. But Akio tells Sanae that he hasn’t seen her cry since “that day” and, now that Tomoya is going to take care of Ushio, it’s time that she let herself cry again.

Tomoya starts his new life with Ushio by bringing several items, including Nagisa’s plush dangos, over to his apartment, and going to the school to meet Ushio’s kindergarten teacher, but finds that her teacher is out to a conference at the time being.

Then, while Tomoya and Ushio are walking around town, they run into Kouko, Yoshino’s wife, as well as an old friend who was released from the hospital not too long ago: Kouko’s younger sister Fuko. Fuko acts younger than her age, partly because that’s how she is, and partly due to being asleep for so long, but she takes an immediate liking to Ushio, perhaps being reminded of Nagisa when looking at her.

Finally, Tomoya and Ushio go to see Tomoya’s father. There Tomoya tells his father that his job is over, and it’s time for him to finally rest and to go home back to his mother. Having realized that he finally succeeded in raising Tomoya, Tomoya’s father and he help clean up the apartment and pack up Tomoay’s father’s things so that he may go back home.

Once Tomoya’s father is off, Ushio sees a glowing orb descend from the sky, and get absorbed into Tomoya…

Damn you CLANNAD for having episodes which have become increasingly hard to break down into a couple of paragraphs!

I find it interesting how each generation seems to be able to heal the generation that came before. Tomoya has become his father’s salvation, much like how Ushio became Tomoya’s.

We also get to see a short scene of the Furukawa house behind their happy smile, and how hard it’s been in the last 5 years to deal with the loss of their daughter.

However, perhaps my favorite part of this episode was the RETURN OF FUKO. I had suspected it’s occurrence for quite some time now, since I thought that that it was her hugging Ushio in the opening sequence, and I ended up being right. At first I had thought that perhaps FUKO would be Ushio’s teacher, just like her sister was Nagisa’s teacher.

But after we met FUKO, I suddenly realized what should have been obvious already: FUKO wasn’t going to be Ushio’s teacher, it’ll almost certainly be Kyou. Duh! I’m sure we’ll find out next episode whether that’s the case or not, but it seems so obvious to me now.

Of course, that gives us an excuse to see more Kyou (and usually where she is, Ryou isn’t far away). I just hope we get more FUKO glory. And given Kotomi’s knowledge of this parallel world, I’m sure we’ll get to see her again. Everyone else…maybe they’ll find an excuse to stick them in again, but we’re running out of time.

And with these wish-granting glowing orbs showing up again, I’m sure they’re about to launch us into the final-final story arc of CLANNAD.


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