CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 18

It’s *sniff* CLANNAD: After Story episode 18 and *sniff* Tomoya and Ushio go on their trip, where Tomoya discovers more about himself than he could have possibly imagined. *blows nose and starts balling*

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Ushio and Tomoya start on the trip which Sanae set them up on. However, on the train ride, Ushio wants to play, but Tomoya refuses to, instead getting angry at a loud mother and son in the seat across from him. Tomoya’s anger scares Ushio, who runs to the bathroom to cry. When Tomoya asks Ushio what she was doing there, she says that Sanae said that she couldn’t cry except in the bathroom.

On a layover at a train station, Tomoya decides to buy Ushiio a toy, and despite it being a toy robot, Ushio gladly receives it. Once the pair arrive at their destination, Ushio keeps looking at Tomoya like she wants to say something. When Tomoya finally asks what’s up, Ushio asks Tomoya to tell her “about mommy,” but Tomoya refuses, telling Ushio to ask Sanae.

The next day, Tomoya and Ushio arrive at a huge sunflower field, where Ushio starts to play, but ends up losing her toy robot. Tomoya tries looking for it, but can’t find it, and finally tells Ushio that he’ll buy a new one, but Ushio wants the one she lost. Tomoya then suddenly has a flashback of him and his father in the same field when he was younger.

Tomoya tells Ushio to stay put as he instinctively walks up a path up a hill, where he eventually finds an older woman who turns out to be his grandmother – his father’s mother.

His grandmother tells Tomoya the story of his father – how he married while young. How Tomoya’s mother died soon after child birth. How this loss was devastating to his father, yet he still worked as hard as he could to raise Tomoya, moving from job to job. However, in the end, the stress was too much, and his father ultimately became an alcoholic and lost everything. Tomoya’s grandmother has decided to tell this story to him so that Tomoya can learn from his father’s mistakes. She then asks Tomoya to ask his father to “come home.”

Tomoya arrives back at the field, but Ushio still can’t find the toy. Tomoya once again says that he’ll buy another one, but Ushio says that she wants the one she lost because it was the “first gift daddy bought me.” Tomoya asks Ushio if it’s OK if they live together from now on, and Ushio says it is. Ushio then finally releases everything, telling Tomoya the rest of the story: Sanae said that the only places she could cry were in the bathroom…and in “daddy’s arms,” and the two embrace, crying.

Finally, on the train ride home, Tomoya decides to tell Ushio about “mommy,” but ends up breaking down crying as all of his memories of Nagisa come rushing back to him.

Sorry for the long review this time, but there was very little that could be cut out without making it harder to explain the parts that were extremely important in this episode (as opposed to just important or just very important).

As you could tell from the opening, this is a real tearjerker of an episode. While the episode in which Nagisa dies is sad, I think the reaction is more disbelief or general sadness rather than outright balling (though it might be for some people). However, it’s hard to come away from this episode without needing a tissue.

Having one episode of Tomoya angst and depression seems a little short a time before coming back with the “he’s recovered!” episode, but it still seems to work. Again, I’m still not sure what CLANNAD will come up with to fill the last six episodes, but so far they’ve been up for the task.


4 thoughts on “CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 18

  1. Oh jeez. This episode tore me apart.
    First, Tomoya’s cold reactions to his daughter, and then later when he “finally realized [who] he needed to protect.”

    That line, and the memories of Nagisa rushing through really made me cry buckets.

  2. This episode is both sad and happy. What make me happy is because it is the end of long period of sadness.

    Btw I think the robot Tomoya bought for Ushio looks like the one in the alternate world. I wonder if these robots are related.

  3. Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when Tomoya and his daughter are in the field crying?

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