Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Episode 21

It’s (finally) Nijuu Mensou no Musume episode 21 and Chiko and Twenty Faces try desperately to stop the professor before this experiment destroys all of Tokyo.

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After restarting his “experiment,” the professor destroys the control panel to prevent it from being turned off and is about to finish off Chiko and Twenty Faces when Twenty Faces knocks him down, allowing Chiko to escape to try to stop the machien. The Professor knocks Twenty Faces out and goes after Chiko. However, Twenty Faces soon returns to try to run interference with the Professor to allow Chiko to complete her mission.

In the meantime, Ken and Kayama continue fighting the zombie machines, but without much success. However, soon the zombie pair’s bodies start to break down due to all the stress of fighting with super human strength.

Meanwhile, the Professor has finally cornered Chiko on the top of the oscillator tower, causing Chiko to jump into the oscillator generator itself. She fights against the beam to try to bend the structure, but she just isn’t strong enough. Just as she’s about to pass out, the Anastasia Ruby around her neck breaks and the ruby flies to the focal point of the oscillator beam, causing the beam to get disrupted and finally blow up due to the light refraction of the ruby. This causes the Professor to fall. Chiko tries to catch him, but he decides that, now that he’s seen that his experiment is a success, his goal is complete and he disconnects his metal hand from the rest of his body.

In the end, Twenty Faces asks Chiko to come with him, as she’ll be hated for being “The Daughter of Twenty Faces,” but Chiko refuses, saying that part of Twenty Faces will always live within her, which will allow his vision for the world to eventually be fulfilled. Instead, Chiko has an idea for Twenty Faces that she whispers in his ear…

Chiko then meets up with Ken, who says his goodbye and asks Kayama to come with him, and then Tome, Chunka, and Akechi, whom she tells Twenty Faces is dead. Soon, Chiko decides to travel to England with Tome to get away from all the attention in Japan.

This isn’t the final episode, even though it sure felt like it. Virtually all the outstanding plot issues have been resolved, other than what Twenty Faces ultimately decides to do with his life (which I’m guessing we’ll find out about in the final episode).

I’d say, overall, this was a very good episode, and while there was more standing around and talking and thinking than i’d like, it was overall a pretty action-filled and well executed episode. And of course, now Twenty Faces is really “dead” now, at least in name.

Hopefully it won’t take another 3 months for Live-Evil to come out with the final episode (I ran into this problem with them with Shion as well).


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