First Impressions: Maria Holic

Maria HolicMaria Holic definitely looks like that it might be the class of the Winter season after the first two episodes. It has a certain touch which just makes the show completely hilarious and already has at least three contenders for best character of, at the very least, the winter season in Kanako, Mariya, and Matsurika.

It's a Trap!

Despite the fact that it’s animation style is somewhat washed out, it still holds up pretty well overall. I think one of the more interesting parts of this show after 2 episodes is that which way all the different girls swing is left rather ambiguous (except for Kanako, of course). They’re all friendly and everything, but sometimes they seem a little too friendly too. I’m definitely looking forward to watching the rest of this show, and I hope it keeps the momentum that it has going.


One thought on “First Impressions: Maria Holic

  1. I love that anime! i just wish there werent just 12 eps! but if you know any animes like that then please tell me! Oh! and not the anime where the guy goes to girls school to fulfill his moms deathwish… please check out if u love animes! anime love reports!!!

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