CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 14

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 14. and Nagisa gets a job at a new restaurant with a pair of old high school classmates. Also, Nagisa and Okazaki do what, er, married people do, er, at night. Yeah…

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Nagisa decides that she’ll get a job too now that she’s graduated and living with Okazaki. She ends up hearing from Nishima, an old high school classmate, who has just been hired as a waitress as a new restaurant and asks Nagisa if she wants to work there too.

One day, Okazaki gets off and visits Akio, who decides it’s time to visit Nagisa at work (and tries to disguise himself as Okazaki’s rapper friend #1 so he may go undetected while ogling his daughter). There, they find that Nagisa is popular with the customers, but when two guys in particular decide that they really want to have a good time with Nagisa, Okazaki and Akio decide to “give them a talk.”

However, things keep changing around Okazaki, and it continues to unnerve him. The restaurant Nagisa works at is where a well known grove of trees used to be, and word has come that the school is going to replace the oldest building on campus – the building where Nagisa and friends used to hang out in the theater club room.

Then one day, Nagisa gets sick, and Sanae believes it is because Nagisa is pregnant.

This was a pretty full episode as far as things going on. First off, Okazaki likes pushing Akio’s buttons – including trying to call him “father” now that Akio is his father-in-law. However, Akio is able to get back by calling him “son.” in return.

We also saw Sugisaka warn Nishima that the manager was staring at her from across the resturant. Whether this was a thing they just threw in because the pair were chatting with Okazaki on the job or whether this is start of a story plot with Nishimi, I don’t know. But since Sugisaka told Nishimi that the manager was looking at her I seem to suspect the latter.

However, having met the manager at the end of the episode, He seems to be a good guy, and I have a feeling that if we end up having an episode about it, it will be one where everyone thinks the manager is a creep, but it ends up he’s “watching over” her or something.

And then, of course, the major event at the end is the news that Nagisa is pregnant. Though I think the most hilarious part of the episode, if not the whole series so far, is Nagisa standing there plainly telling her parents that she gets her freak on with Okazaki.

One more note: we haven’t seen the girl and the robot in the world with no birth and no death for quite a while now, despite some major events occuring in Nagisa and Okazaki’s life (assuming the two are connected, which I’d say is a decent assumption). I’m just wondering what’s going on there.


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  1. This isn’t a bad series. The original was great as well.

    The only glitch is that it seems that this is still a work in progress, so instead of being able to watch everything back-to-back all the way to the end, it’s going to be a slow crawl as the remaining episodes are released…

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