Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season – Episode 4 [END]

It’s (finally) The Melancholy of Haruka Suzumiya Kima ga Nozomu Eien: Next Season episode 4. In this episode, Haruka and Akana are told that how they look at the world is all wrong, and then they realize their wrongs, and then all becomes well with the world once again.

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Haruka wakens from her collapse at the end of the last episode, and asks Akane to continue with what she was saying about Haruka and Takayuki. However, Akane can’t continue to talk about that after Haruka collapsed and runs off. Akane runs into the hospital doctor, Dr. Kouzuki while wandering around town. Dr. Kouzuki ends up telling Akane that, just like Haruka, Akane is steadfastly following her dream. However, following one’s dream has a cost: often in the form of letting loved ones drift away. She explains that this is happening to both Haruka and Akane.

In the meantime, Haruka’s mother asks Haruka what’s going on with Takayuki, since Haruka hasn’t been cheerful lately. Haruka reluctantly explains that she’s scared of being a burden on Takayuki, and mad at herself for continuing to follow her dreams while Takayuki had to ditch his, as well as blaming herself for everything that’s gone wrong. However, her mother tells her that things like that is all part of being family and being in a relationship, and there is nothing to be ashamed of, mad at, or scared of because of it.

Haruka decides to call Takayuki just as he gets off work, and tells him that she’s at the station – at the very spot of the car accident, saying that they have to “start anew” from there. Takayuki rushes to the station and finally meets up with Haruka and the two renew their lovey dovey relationship.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this, but this episode seemed to have an awfully lot of Akane in it for it to be the final episode in a series about Haruka. Meanwhile, I don’t think we’ve seen Hayase at all except in flashbacks since the 2nd episode, begging that the question be asked: what was the purpose of having an nearly a whole episode dedicated to her if she was going to get ditched afterward?

I figured that Haruka being scared of being a bother to Takayuki was what caused all this, but we seemed to take a rather roundabout way of getting to the end of it – especially when all it took was a short conversation with her mother for Haruka to seemingly get over it.

That’s not to say that this series wasn’t OK (I’m kind of loathe to actually call it “good”). I was afraid at the end of the last episode that much of this episode would be Haruka being back in a coma and going through all that stuff again, but luckily that didn’t happen (though I was right about Akane being all angsty over Haruka collapsing again). Maybe I need to watch all 4 episodes at once to get an overall feeling for the series. It has taken about a year for all 4 episodes to come out, after all.

As for overall thoughts for this episode speciically: it was nothing particularly grand, and there wasn’t any real big dramatic “big choice” ending. It’s not like I actually expected Haruka to be in another accident, though it may have actually made the episode a little bit more interesting if it almost happened again. I just think that this episode, like this series generally, has largely ridden the rail of mediocracy pretty much all along.


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  1. It didn’t hit me that there was a lot of Akane until you mentioned it, and you’re right. I guess they needed to fill time and give the Akane fanboys a reason to watch the OAV.

    Speaking of making fanboys happy, that was obviously the whole point of this OAV. I guess so many people were pissed off with the TV series ending that they made an alternate ending to appease them. Perhaps the show wasn’t all that great because EVERYONE knew how it’d end.

    And Haruka getting into another accident would be one hell of a sadistic troll ending, albeit a hilariously evil and LOL-enducing one. XD

  2. To me this series wasnt really dramatic and i expected alot more mitsuki than what they offered, but i can say it was ok. and there wasnt many kiss scenes, or rather, kiss scenes that we were actually able to see their lips instead of far awayness x_x. And i really thought that the group would actually get together again. i guess that was just my wishing. and the ending was kinda good. but i think what most people wanted was to see them in the future with kids a house and everyone together. I guess they didnt want that kind of ending v_v but owell i give it 7/10

  3. I just watched all four episodes in a row. I was pleased with how it ended. It’s been a few years since I watched the first season ( and spent three days being depressed afterwards ). I had to brush up on the ending of the first season to find my place here, but I am glad I chanced it again. Watch all four together for the full effect. I do wish they could follow up on mitsuki a bit, she is often maligned as a bitch or slut, which I don’t think is fair. My opinion is women (my wife included), think he should have fought against Haruka’s parents to visit her and never went out with Mitsuki, I diasgree though. This season left me with a big smile on my face and warm happy fuzzy feelings inside.

  4. ‘I feel devastated after i read the plot and didn’t continue watching the anime ,I regret watching the first 6 episodes!!!!why did takuyaki ended up choosing matsuki!!!!!!!
    ‘I cry a lot because i pity poor haruka
    ‘ohhhhh i can’t move on,it still hurts…….
    ‘i hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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