CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 13

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 13, and Okazaki now has to get permission from Akio in order for him to marry Nagisa, but Nagisa’s father isn’t going to make it easy for him. Also, Nagisa once again gets sick over winter break.

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Okazaki comes to ask permission from Akio for him to marry Nagisa, but before he’s allowed to ask, Akio tells him that he has to be able to hit one of his pitches first. Okazaki tries, despite his lame shoulder, but keeps failing. Realizing that Akio is testing him to see whether he is strong enough to truly enter adulthood, Okazaki continues to train as hard as he can. Akio finally gives him one last chance to hit his pitch, which Okazaki finally does, and then immediately asks permission to have Nagisa, which Akio grants.

Then over winter break, Nagisa once again gets sick and misses the entire winter semester, but this year she has enough banked attendance to allow her to graduate, even though she can’t attend the actual graduation. This leads Okazaki to organize all their old friends together at the school in order to surprise Nagisa with her own high school graduation.

Finally, Nagisa and Okazaki go and get their marriage license, formally making Nagisa Mrs. Okazaki.

After the deal with Akio testing Okazaki by making him hit one of his pitches, the second half of the episode was really sort of a time warp episode, pretty much skipping half a year to Nagisa’s high school graduation, and then Okazaki and Nagisa’s marriage.

In that sense, nothing really dramatic happened (it’s not like there was any doubt that Okazaki would eventually hit Akio’s pitch), though having said that, this is obviously still a major episode given the graduation and the marriage.

I was also happy to see all the gang back together, as it has become rarer and rarer for us to see anyone from Okazaki’s high school life anymore. I’m sure we’ll see them again, but they’ve really fallen to secondary character status. Yoshino is a bigger character than most of them now.

I guess we head into yet another arc of the story now that Okazaki and Nagisa are now married and will, presumably, start living together. I’m just wondering what Nagisa will do now that she’s graduated, or will she essentially become a housewife?