Web Stats for December 2008

After a significant hiatus, it is finally here again…the post no one but I and a few other people in the known universe care about…the web stats post! Get all the numeric goodness below the fold!

The last numbers I have to compare against are July, so there isn’t any really point in trying to compare, so I’ll just start afresh and give this month’s stats without comparison.

Visits: 11,030
Page Views: 20,439
Absolute Unique Visitors: 8,524

This translates into:

Visits/day: 355.8
Page Views/day: 659.3
AUV/day: 275

Now, onto more specific stats:

The 5 busiest days in December (in visits):

  1. December 19 (631)
  2. December 31 (610)
  3. December 30 (583)
  4. December 29 (487)
  5. December 14 (464)

Top 5 Non-Search Engine (and non-aggregator) sites from which I received traffic (in visits):

  1. Sea Slugs Anime Blog (66)
  2. anitations (60)
  3. Anime News Network (39) [I’m guessing from the forums]
  4. Twitter (32)
  5. Rollchan’s Weblog (26) [he apparently deleted it]

Top 5 visited posts (in page views):

  1. Winter 2009 Anime Preview (1,620)
  2. Winter 2008 Anime Preview (279)
  3. Funimation set to announce 10 licenses in 10 days (219)
  4. How to elicit a hard rebuke from an anime company (211)
  5. CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 11 (196)

In December I had visits from 118 countries.   The United States, Canada, Philippines, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, France, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico all gave me at least 100 visits, for a total of 16 nations.  Meanwhile, 59 different nations gave me at least 10 visits.

Every state gave me at least one visit in December.  California, New York, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington, Maryland, and North Carolina all give me at least 100 visits.

As for browser stats, 58.1% of visitors visited using Firefox, with 80% of those users having already upgraded to some version of Firefox 3.  30.1% of visitors used Internet Explorer, with 75% of those using IE7, and 23% have computers full of viruses due to never updating their computers use version 6 or older.  4.4% of visitors use Safari, 4% use Opera, and 2.6% use Chrome.


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