ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 12 [END]

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 12 and Himura finally find what he has been waiting for, and finally makes peace, tying up all the loose ends from from this series, as well as from memories.

Have a REALLY Merry Christmas! Playing Again
On the Roof The End

The first thing we see in this episode is confirmation that, yes, Yuuko died (if there was any question before). Everyone ends up holding a service in the church on Christmas, where Kuze plays the violin and Mizuki sings Yuuko’s lyrics to the song. Nagi finds Himura on the roof of the chruch and tells him that she heard a curious thing from her brother Hiro in Japan: he says that he met Yuuko in the church up there.

Himura decides to go back to Japan, but visits Kuze first. Kuze talks about how he want to grasp onto life as long as he can, and Himura declares that his job in relation to him is now over. However, Kuze gives Himura the two keys to the school roof as a parting gift, telling him that they are a charm that allow miracles to happen.

Himura visits the church on Japan and meets Yuuko there, and gives her the boquet of flowers that he was never able to give her on the previous fateful Christmas day. Yuuko explains that it was her job to sacrifice herself to help others, and that’s why things happened the way they did. Himura then takes Yuuko to the roof of the school: the place where it all began. There, Himura tells Yuuko that he’s now found peace about the past and can look forward to the future. Yuuko then tells Himrua that her job there is finished, and the two tearfully give their goodbyes before Yuuko disappears.

This was a very touching episode, where Himura is finally able to let go of the past, which had been haunting him in both the first series and this series, by finally being able to meet with Yuuko (a thing which we actually first saw at the very end of the ef – a tale of memories, but didn’t know the significance of it at the time).

I kind of look back on this series – as well as the first – and see that some of what Himura was donig in memories were building up to this series, such as him continually waiting for someone in the church (which, as I just noted, we found out was Yuuko even then, we just didn’t know why). We also saw a repeat of some of the same themes, such as Himura’s line that “there are only inevitabilities and accidents” and the belief that to be able to fulfil a dream, one must first have a dream.”

This series really saw a convergence of everything that happened in melodies as well as this series, with the Yuuko/Himura arc almost being the central pillar with the other three arcs and four couples from the two other shows all being linked together via that relationship.

I guess speaking of the episode specifically, there wasn’t anything here that wasn’t pretty much expected, and there wasn’t any shocking or revealing moment. I think Himura reuniting with Yuuko (and probably her final disappearance afterward) were pretty much expected, it was just a matter of the circumstances. But still, this was a pretty satisfying ending to both this series and the franchise as a whole.

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  1. One thing I liked about the conversation on the rooftop was the way the sunbeams came out moments before Yuuko was to take her leave. Both a glorious flood of light, but also echoing an earlier comment in the series about how sunbeams are “the staircases of angels” (the comment stuck with me because of the marvellous Makoto Shinkai trailer for this series in which Yuuko is seen descending such a staircase).

  2. I liked how the episode linked back to the first episode of Memories by executing Himura’s entrance into the church in a similar fashion to Hirono’s first visit to the church. I thought this created a feeling of nostalgia.

    The conversation on the rooftop was also touching as Himura was struggling not to blink as she told Yuuko that he would be fine – linking it back their youth where Yuuko said one was lying when they blinked.

    Personally, I think small details such as these help add a greater depth to the overall series. As such, I have found both Memories and Melodies both highly enjoyable.

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  4. Hello,
    This anime was amazing it was sad and had it’s funny moments as well. I found myself sometimes screaming at the characters but wlao being able to relate to them as well. The character of Chihiro was so special it made me look at life in a different way.

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