CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 12

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 12, and Okazaki’s career looks to take a turn for the better until Okazaki is negatively influenced by the activities of his father. This leads Okazaki to make a life-changing decision.

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Okazaki keeps getting used to and better at his job at the Electric Company when the manager tells him that he’s recommended him for a better paying position than an old colleague is offering. After being taken aback by the offer and unsure of what to do, Yoshino tells Okazaki about the story of his past, where he lost track of what was important to him, and it ended up costing him his singing career. Okazaki then discusses the matter with Nagisa and Okazaki decides to take the job transfer.

Then Kinoshita, and old friend of Okazaki’s father whom Okazaki had run into once while working contacts him and tells him that his father was arrested for a rather significant crime. Word spread quickly and, not wanting to be tainted in any way by the event, the manager’s colleague cancels the job transfer. Okazaki wants to leave the town, but Nagisa tells him that he should stay and not run away. As a result, Okazaki goes with Nagisa to see his father in jail, but his father doesn’t respond to anything he says, so Okazaki storms out. Nagisa fallows Okazaki and, when Okazaki starts punching a concrete wall in frustration, she tries her best to restrain him.

Okazaki then asks Nagisa if she’ll marry him, and she answers affirmatively without hesitation. Okazaki asks why she would want to marry such a pathetic person, and she just says that they can become strong if they’re together.

We seem to be progressing slowly yet surely through the After Story arc, and we end the first half of the show with a major turning point in the story: Okazaki’s (less than romantic) proposal to Nagisa. Now, given the circumstances, I’m not really sure how on the ball the two will be in actually planning on getting married, but I guess they are now technically engaged.

We also had a mini-Yoshino arc in this episode too as he told his tale to Okazaki. I think I also get the feeling that Nagisa won’t let this be the end of Okazaki’s and his father’s relationship either, but we’ll see. It seems that both Okazaki and his father sees his father as a failure, and as a result, Okazaki gets angry and his father feels like he can’t do anything but make things worse. But I guess we’ll see what, if anything, happens along those lines.