Dragonball: Evolution trailer thoughts

So I checked out the leaked Dragonball: Evolution trailer which came out earlier this month (oddly, I can’t an official website for the movie yet) and these are basically my thoughts:

  • They’re banking on special effects (especially of things blowing up) and people fighting to bring in people
  • The special effects are, on average, average and some of them look pretty bad (though one might give them the benefit of a doubt since they might not be complete yet)
  • They appear to be trying to do the fighting scenes in the Chinese Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon/Matrix style – that is to say, it is obviously fake, and since they’re trying to mimic it, it looks even worse.
  • The acting sucks.  No, really, it really sucks.  And there isn’t even much of it in the trailer.
  • The actual video quality sucks (and I’m not talking about the YouTube quality.  I mean how the cinematography is done makes it look like a cheap TV show, not a theatrical movie)
  • I don’t fucking care what the character names is.  That portion of the trailer is targeted solely towards people who are already fans which, I’m sorry, isn’t enough to keep the movie from bombing.

Some of you may remember how unimpressed I was with the Speed Racer trailer and how much I doubted how it would attract people to see it, even with the flashy special effects.

Well, Dragonball is making Speed Racer look like an academy award winner movie.  While Speed Racer didn’t really attract people to the theater, it’s special effects were actually, you know, good.  And while the acting wasn’t good, it was decent.  Dragonball appears to be several levels below Speed Racer on both accounts based on this trailer.

Amazingly, Fox has spent a whopping $100 million on this movie, only $20 million less than the eye-popping Speed Racer, and the dollars per minute is actualy more than Speed Racer at the moment:  Speed Racer ran for 135 minutes, which amounts to about $889,000 a minute, while Dragonball: Evolution is currently slated to be 98 minutes – at least according to Wikipedia – which would put it at $1,020,000 a minute.

That’s nothing compared to most summer blockbusters – Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End cost $300 million and the just released Quantum of Solace cost $230 million.  On the other hand, the hugely popular Ironman cost $135 million – which is only about $50,000 more a minute than the Dragonball movie right now.

Considering that, this movie should be a special effects extraveganza.  It sure isn’t looking like it.

I’ve long said that I thought that this movie would bomb – not because I think turning anime series into live action movies is an inherently bad idea or because of any ill will towards the Dragonball series, but it just didn’t seem like the right title to adapt.  And on top of this, Fox ignores the lessons of movies like Batman Begins, Spiderman, and X-Men as well as of movies like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Speed Racer and decide to turn the movie into a “live action cartoon,” something which almost assures a death sentence for a movie.

If you want to give people a cartoon, then give them a cartoon.  If you want to give them a live action movie, then give them a live action movie.  People don’t seem to like it when you try to mix the two.


6 thoughts on “Dragonball: Evolution trailer thoughts

  1. I agree with you
    Also, about the story, they are changing some stuff and not for any particular reason. it seems it’s just to make us angry lol
    I also don’t like that Croushing Tiger style, i could understand it if the characters could already fly but.. just take the new chunlee trailer for an example, they have powers and stuff but the action scenes still look real, at least much more than dragon ball.
    and most of the effects look really bad, special the slow motion scenes but, until I actually see a complete scene, I’m also giving the benefit of a doubt

  2. seriously i cant believe they made a movie. I know everything there is to know about Dragon Ball cause it was one of my favorite shows, and i notice a lot of changes and i have to agree the fight scenes are a little different but you have to remember that goku in Dragon Ball doesnt know how to fly so i guess thats ok, and i dont like who is playing goku cause he just doesnt play the part, in my oppinion this movie wont do so good, but i could be wrong and reguardless ill still go and see it

  3. Here we go with Hollywood killing another one of our childhood stories. When I was younger I use to be crazy for Dragon Ball and when I heard they were going to make a movie out of it I was very excited. But once I saw the trailers, my mind completely changed.

    First of all, Goku has a playful side to him. This actor Chatwin plays the role horribly, Chatwin makes Goku sound like a little b****** girl. Goku was always willing to give himself up to save people, but Chatwin makes him sound like a pussy he fears coming out of his house.

    Second, isn’t Picolo green the last time I checked? How come in the trailer his looks like a pale green, like baby diarrhea.

    Third, Master Joshi had hair? When the f*** did he have hair. Please remind me.

    When this movie is released, I wont go to the movies and watch I will just watch it online. It wont be worth wasting money on it. I hope this horrible movie doesn’t ruin the name of Dragon Ball.

  4. I just hope they don’t make any more live action anime movies I kinda feel insulted I mean people look at this movie and think anime is stupid

  5. this movie was destined to suck as soon as the trailer was released. im just hoping they don’t f*ck up ghost in a shell or akira when they make these animes to movies.

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