Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 8: Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R

AstroNerdBoy ends up looking like a genius as he guesses right on the final true “mysterious” new Funimation title, which is the recently aired Slayers Revolution, the fourth season in the Slayers franchise.

There is still a slight question whether this license includes Slayers Evolution-R as well – the fifth season in the franchise which starts airing in January – as Funimation’s press release states that they picked up 26 episodes, while Slayers Revolution was only 13 episodes.

Funimation holds the licenses for the first three series as well, after picking them up from Central Park Media in 2005.


The clue which suggests that they did indeed pick up Slayers Evolution-R as well is that the press release states that the DVD release won’t be until 2010 (as opposed to 2009 for everything else announced so far).  However, ANN has confirmed plans to release the series digitally in 2009, though there doesn’t appear to be any plans for a simultaneous release for Evolution-R.

Update 2

ANN has confirmed with Funimation that they are in fact picking up both Revolution and Evolution-R.


3 thoughts on “Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 8: Slayers Revolution/Evolution-R

  1. I would suspect that Slayers Evolution-R would be a separate license from Slayers Revolution since they are considered separate series, even if technically, Evolution-R is “season 2” of Revolution. That’s generally how these things work and since Evolution-R isn’t mentioned by name at all combined with it not even having been aired yet, I would think that it is still unlicensed. I could be wrong though. Maybe we’ll get some additional information soon. ^_^ Either way, I’m excited.

  2. Well, Funimation says they licensed the “26 episode series” and won’t release DVDs until 2010, and ANN seems to at least suggest that they got both. I’d still like ANN to post a final confirmation one way or the other, though.

  3. ANN did confirm that (1) 2009 is when this will start coming out and (2) they do have Evolution-R. FUNimation also sent me a heads-up about this too. So, I was completely wrong there, but I am happy to be wrong about that. ^_^

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