Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 4: Nabari no Ou

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through animeland, not a creature was stirring, except the Funimation people announcing Nabari no Ou as their Christmas special new license.

That’s right, Funimation gives us our first completely new show in the wee hours of Christmas morning by giving us Nabari no Ou.  Now, I didn’t see this series – which ran in Japan just this April through October – but I seem to remember hearing a lot of good things about it.  Funimation’s webpage for the series has this write-up:

Miharu Rokujo is content to live an introverted, apathetic life, but destiny has other plans for him. Trapped inside this young boy lurks the powerful secrets of the Shinra Banshou – a ninja art powerful enough to control the world. Forced to join the school’s Nindo Club for his own safety, Miharu is introduced to covert members of the hidden ninja world Nabari. If the boy is to survive, he must rely on Kumohira, the club’s advisor, who vows to discover a method for removing the clandestine powers that could one day make Miharu the Ruler of Nabari.

Funimation also said that they would release the series in two 13-episode sets, but did not say when the first set would be released other than just saying “2009.”

This is the first true “surprise” announcement that I can tell, as I never saw anyone suggest this title from any of the clues that Funimation provided.

In any case, the count is now:

Actual New Shows: 1
Geneon Rescues: 3