Funimation’s New Show A-Go-Go Day 2: Gad Guard

Another day and yet another 2003 anime series previously licensed by Geneon and picked up by Funimation – this time Gad Guard.  This show appears to have been clued at by the clue which most people couldn’t figure out (it talked about bugs and a veggie guardian, etc.) though some people guessed it right.

This definitely leads credence to the idea that Funimation is going to end up picking up most of GONZO’s titles previously held by Geneon, with the others that the clues suggested being Last Exile, Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, and Vandread.  If that’s correct, at least 5 of Funimation’s 10 announcements will be license switches from Geneon to Funimation.

Count thus far:

Geneon Rescues: 2
Actual New Shows: 0


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  1. Right. I think one of the ANN people just confirmed that on their forums, at least for Ikki Tousen – that they are actually acquiring the licenses for these shows, unlike the deal with Geneon before where Geneon still held the shows and Funimation just distributed them.

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