ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 11

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 11. Kuze decides that shutting everyone out is bad and decides to make a pair of very fateful choices.

Come to Me Another Fit
I'm Gonna Have Surgery This isn't a Game

Mizuki gives Kuze one of the keys to the school roof and a challenge to go see her in her challenge letter. Kuze decides he’s going to see her and smashes all his masks on the wall. Kuze goes to the roof, only to find Mizuki there waiting for him. There they sort through all of Kuze’s issues, including Mizuki answering all of Kuze’s questions from episode 7/9 with “because I love you” and saying that he can make her happy, even if he is going to die soon.

However, before they can get all mushy-mushy on the roof, Kuze has another attack and has to go to the hospital. Himura and Nagi tell Mizuki that Kuze can have surgery, but it’s incredibly risky and the average person doesn’t even live for 3 years longer even then. When Kuze wakes up in the hospital, he tells Mizuki that he’s decided to have the surgery if it allows him to see her for even “one more second.”

In the meantime, Hiro and Miyako go to the church (the one in Japan) and see Yuuko there, where the three finally formally introduce themselves.

This is our first all-Kuze/Mizuki episode, which was well overdue, considering that we’ve already had two for the other arc. The way things are going, it’s clear that Yuuko’s arc isn’t completely finished, and that she’ll probably get to see Himura again, the question is just how that is going to play out. Also, the end of the episode indicates that Kuze survives his surgery, so we’ll have to have a final wrap-up of that arc as well.

The main thing I don’t like about this arc, however, are two things: first, we finally get a full episode fo the arc, and we probably spend at least 3 minutes doing…nothing. We get a rendition of euphoric field in the middle and Mizuki singing Yuuko’s song. I know they are supposed to be symbolic and all, but it also came across to me as “we actually don’t have a full episode of material to use.” Also, there is age difference between Kuze and Mizuki, which may be icky for some, and the fact that the “all you need is love” revelation by a major character isn’t exactly new and exciting. I realize most of ef’s storyline have that to some extent, but it seemed so obvious and boring in this arc, at least to me.

All along I’ve been more interested in Yuuko’s arc, and this episode just made me more so. Basically, I pretty much don’t care how Mizuki’s arc ends right now. I’m all about the Yuuko arc.