12 Moments of Anime Day 8 – Use the Druaga Beam!

Probably the best gimmick episode of 2008 – and perhaps one of the best ever – was the first episode of The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk.  Obviously this show was trying to grab attention right off the bat – as well as perhaps draw attention to Gonzo’s new found attempt to make their episodes available subbed online at air time.

Too bad the rest of the series wasn't this good

This episode was full of hilarity, making me “nearly [laugh] out loud from start to finish” as I wrote at the time.  This episode would definitely contend for a spot in one of the top 10 episodes of the year, I think.  Too bad the rest of the series couldn’t follow suit.  I guess that’s one problem with starting your series with such a great episode: it’s very hard for the rest of the series to live up to it.

In any case, making fun of fantasy anime and use of Druaga Beams earn Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk episode 1 a spot in the 12 Moments of Anime.

The 12 Moments of Anime project is the brainchild of CCY.