12 Moments of Anime Day 7 – Game to the Death?

Yet another under appreciated series in 2008 (though it started in 2007) was the shogi-themed series Shion no Ou (or Shion’s King).  While this show is packed with shogi, it is also a murder mystery about who killed Shion’s parents when she was little.  The series feeds you little pieces here and there, including events and information to throw you off the scent of the real killer (though I figured it out pretty early, though not without reservations).

I'll kill you! Erm, at shogi I mean.

The final three episodes of the series were all dedicated to the final match between Shion and the current Meijin Makoto Hani.  The intensity in the match, and the revelations made during it, made these episodes perhaps one of the more interesting conclusions to a series in 2008.  It makes you wonder how writers can make something like playing a shogi match into an interesting episode (or episodes) of anime.  As a result, Shion episodes 20 – 22 are included in the 12 Moments of Anime.

The 12 Moments of Anime project is the brainchild of CCY.


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