Funimation adds a crap load of new videos online

Basically every series of note that they hold has a page and at least trailers up.  There also have the first two subbed episodes online for Gunslinger Girl IL Teatrino and Romeo X Juliet, the first six subbed episodes for Shigurui, and the entire Soukou no Strain series subbed.

Here are the list of shows where they actually have episodes up:

The only thing I don’t really like about it after playing a couple episodes is that it’s not easy to get from one episode to another, especially late in the series as there isn’t any “Next episode” thing and trying to navigate the episodes reloads the player as well.  But otherwise I’d say this is a good start.


This was seemingly launched on the 10th, but I don’t recall anyone saying anything about it before, and I’m not sure how many videos they had online before, but if was comparable to what was on places like hulu or itunes, then they’ve added a lot more.

Update 2

I just saw on the Gunslinger 2 page that the release date for the series is August 18, 2009.  So long! T_T.


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  1. the wallflower is so kool why did finished makin it in english dubbed it be cooler if they finished it i still watch it in sub in english that why it be kooler if they finished it so what if there swearing in it kool and funny

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