Candy Boy – Episode 4

It’s Candy Boy episode 4, and Yuki and Kana have to deal with their sister Shizuki’s feeling of abandonment.

Shizuki is still depressed about feeling forgotten by Kana and Yuki, causing Yuki and Kana to feel bad about neglecting her. While Kana and Sakuya go out shopping, Yuki stays behind to talk to Shizuki, where Shizuki tells her that she feels like she’s not good enough for Yuki and Kana. Yuki comforts her by telling her that both of them are always thinking about her, and Kana troubled herself to be able to finish Shizuki’s last birthday present, so that’s proof that they still think of her. This finally seems to make Shizuki less depressed.

Later, Shizuki asks Sakuya why she likes Kana, and Shizuki tells her that once at a Cultural Association meeting, Sakuya was complaining about having a summer birthday, and so she was never able to celebrate it with friends, so Kana suggested that she tell her parents happy birthday on her birthday as well (since it’s the day her parents become parents). Sakuya explains that it felt weird at first, but it made her parents and she happy, so she feels like there must be something special about Kana.

Finally, that night, Shizuki asks if she can sleep with Yuki and Kana, where she simply asks them to talk to her more often, so Kana agrees to call her every week, and Shizuki apologizes for making everyone worry…

I’m not exactly sure where this fits into the story overall, but I guess we kind of see that the sisterly bond shared between Kana and Yuki is also felt by their younger sister Shizuki, so it’s not unique. We also discover the origins of why Sakuya likes Kana (though perhaps not why Sakuya is so persistent in pursuing her).

This seems to be the end of the Christas break arc, and I’m not really sure where the story will go on from here.