ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 10

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 10, and you know things are never going to be good when the entire episode is aired in black and white…

After the fire, Yuu and Yuuko start living together in Yuu’s apartment (whose landlord’s daughters happen to be Kei and Chihiro). Yuuko spends her days in church, praying for happiness (despite her saying that there must be no god in the world) when she and Yuu find a small girl from the nearby orphanage named Miki there.

Yuuko hears from the orphanage that Miki survived a murder/suicide attempt by her parents, and as a result doesn’t trust anyone and closes herself off from everyone else. However, Yuuko is eventually able to get Miki to open up to her and Yuu. Yuuko also teaches Miki a song – the song Kuze played for her and Yuu, with added lyrics made up by Yuuko.

On Christmas day, Miki hears Kuze play the song on his violin and finds him. Kuze spends some time with her, giving her a single ribbon, tying off one side of her hair. Yuu then comes across Miki, and they head to the church to spend Christmas day with Yuuko. However, once they arrive, they find Yuuko on the ground, having been hit by a car…

It appears that we’ve now had a convergence of the two story arcs, with Miki, who I’m guessing is Mizuki as a child, meet Yuuko and Yuu. This is where she hears the song with the lyrics, which she began singing last episode before realizing that it was the same tune that Kuze performed. It also appears like Kuze is the one who started Miki/Mizuki into wearing ribbons on the left side of her hair as well.

Of course, the big event in this episode is Yuuko being hit by the car. The only question I have is whether she’s dead or in a coma. Himura seems convinced that his situation with Yuuko isn’t over when he’s older, meaning that she’s either in a coma and he hopes she wakes up, or he’s waiting for some sort of miracle which allows him to see her again. Either way, it’s clear that Yuuko’s spirit has been busy over the last two series, and having a dead person or a person in a coma whose spirit goes around helping people isn’t necessarily something new.

The only thing I didn’t really like was Yuuko being in a car wreck. In a sense, it’s so cliche for a “tragedy of a female lead.” I’m not sure how else they could have pulled off her death/major injury but I almost rolled my eyes with the car wreck. I mean, they could have done a botched robbery or something and it probably would be less predictable, at least. I guess that’s water under the bridge at this point, though.

With only two episodes left, I think it’s pretty clear that the majority of the time in this series was spent with the Yuuko/Yuu arc, since we’ve now had two episodes that were entirely dedicated to that arc. I think even if both of the final two episodes were totally focused on Kuze and Mizuki, it wouldn’t make up the time it’s behind.

Even then, I think we still have a few things left to confirm: 1) Is Yuuko really dead or in a coma or something else? 2) Do we find out more about Mizuki’s history? 3) We obviously have to have a final resolution for Kuze and Mizuki’s arc and, presumably, Yuu and Yuuko’s arc as well.