Funimation set to announce 10 licenses in 10 days

As per AstroNerdBoy:

FUNimation sent me this little blurb.

Not sure if you have seen the podcast yet but we’re doing a big announcement thing. Starting 12/22 we are going to announce a show a day for 10 days.

Ten license announcements and not even at a convention. Wow. That should cause quite a stir.

Well, the most likely titles that they’ll announce are ones that they sent out C&D letters out for, such as  Soul Eater, Mushiuta, and Seto no HanayomeSpice and Wolf is already licensed, but Funi could be  picking up the production and distribution of the series.  I still have my doubts about a traditional anime licensor getting Eva, though.  But what else?

Do you think Funimation would take over licensing KyoAni title such as CLANNAD? What about ef?  Are they going to try to do any sort of similtaneous release thing themselves?  I’m not sure what big titles out there are yet to be licensed.  xxxHOLic Kei, since they have the first season, and I don’t think they’ve picked that up yet?  Do people think they’d pick up a title like Kurenai? School Days? Shakugan no Shana II?


Video of the pre-announcement announcement in Funi’s latest vcast.


8 thoughts on “Funimation set to announce 10 licenses in 10 days

  1. YESSSSS Seto no Hanayome FTW. Soul Eater is prob going to be their finale. If they were really going to go for shock value then FMA would be the way to go, that would freak everyone out.

  2. I’d forgotten about xxxHOLiC Kei. There’s also the Tsubasa OVA, which would be a good score. Shakugan no Shana II would be an excellent pick up as would Slayers REVOLUTION (for me at least).

  3. I may be reading too much into things but during the podcast he mentioned they were going to be launching a FMA website(prob for older series) but why put in the effort unless they got the new one too therefore they can hype up the new show while promoting the old one.

  4. Jarmel – That thought had crossed my mind too. It seems a little early to be announcing a license for the new FMA, but you never know.

    ANB – I had forgotten about Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations. Also, wonder if any of the new titles will be more Geneon rescues (Chobits? Ai Yori Aoshi? Haibane Renmei?)

  5. Yea it would be too early however it would be a great way to boost FMA sales going into the holidays. They also might have been inspired by Bandai to try something similar to Kurokami. Who knows, but really pumped for Seto as it is one of my favorite anime and it is a tragedy it hasn’t been licensed yet.

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