My First WordPress 2.7 Glitch

At least I think it’s a 2.7 glitch, as I’m not sure how long this has been occuring.

Over on the far right sidebar, where I have my categories, it shouldn’t be displaying any of the same categories listed under “Bloggged Series” or “Miscellaneous Series” in the middle bar yet…it is.  I know that the function call to list categories is working, and I know that the category numbers that I’m trying to exclude on the right sidebar are right, because that’s what I”m using to show only the specific categories on the middle bar.

I’m not exactly sure what’s happening.  I mean, it IS excluding the categories that I’ve listed, but it’s not excluding those category’s children, as it had been previously.  If that’s a change in the code, it’s a rather annoying one, and it’d be nice if there is any “exclude category and it’s children” attribute to replace it with.