ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 09

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 9, and Yuuko returns home to her brother, but Yuu decides to go after her. What results is Yuuko’s adoptive brother completely and utterly losing it. Meanwhile, Kuze is also losing it in another way.

Yuuko and Yuu start having regrets about both of their actions: Yuu regretting that he didn’t take Yuuko in, and Yuuko having conflicts between taking revenge on Yuu and loving him. This worrying leaves Yuuko to cut up her own hands.

Back at her house, Yuuko’s brother notices what Yuuko has been doing, and starts beating her up for her blaming herself, telling her that everything that’s happened is the earthquake’s fault, but at the same time saying that he hates her for having the same face as his dead sister.

Yuu shows up and tells Yuuko’s brother that the only thing they can do is accept that both of their sisters had bad luck in the earthquake and keep living on, remembering them. Yuuko’s brother scoffs at this and starts beating up Yuu again when he sees his sketchbook. However, upon looking at it, he finally sees exactly the face he has always wanted to draw on his failed drawings of his sister. He rushes back to his room and starts drawing his sister again with a face. However, once he’s done, he sets the house on fire, so that he may burn with it along with his drawing of his sister.

Meanwhile, in Mizuki’s arc, Kuze tries to make himself feel like everything is OK, having driven everyone he knows away, so that he may not bother anyone when he dies. However, he starts to despair about him being alone and that there is no way to “beat” life. Suddenly someone rings his door bell, and when he goes check, Mizuki has left a “challenge letter” for him, leading him to break down crying.

Mizuki then goes to the church to lay flowers for a certain someone: Yuuko Amamiya…

We seemed to have had somewhat of a climax in the Yuu/Yuuko arc, with Yukko’s brother finally going totally off the deep end with him being able to finally draw his sister’s face, and then proceeding to burn himself along with the painting. This echos what he told Yuu in the last episode that the “only thing he could have done was die with her,” and it appears this was Yuuko’s brother’s intent all along, never being able to accept his sister’s death like Yuu is starting to.

I’m just wondering where this arc will go from here, as there is no more saving Yuuko from her adoptive brother, though Yuu may still have work trying to save Yuuko from her own feelings still.

In Mizuki’s arc, things still seem to be proceeding painfully slow, as most of the episode is centered around Kuze realizing that being all alone isn’t all that hot, Obviously we’ll see more of Mizuki’s “challenge letter” later, but the thing I’m almost more curious about is what Himura tells Mizuki after she tells him that the flowers she’s placing in the church are for Yuuko.

2 thoughts on “ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 09

  1. In my mind they should have reversed the two stories in this episode. I mean, after the burning scene, what can top that? The Kuze story felt like an anticlimax.

  2. The cliffhanger on this one really left me curious…which then brings me to question why I haven’t watched the next episode yet. I think I’m subconsciously savoring it or something ^^;

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