Bandai licenses Kurokami

Kurokami is a new series scheduled to start airing in Japan in January 2009.  Bandai’s twitter says that the series will be dubbed into English for iATV.  No word yet on whether there will be a simultaneous online release subbed in English or not, yet.


That iATV airing will be simultaneous with airings in Japan and Korea, meaning it’s already been dubbed.  That’s a first as far as I know.  Cast includes Laura Bailey, Jason Griffith, Julie Ann Taylor, Stephenie Sheh, and Christopher Kromer, via Bandai’s website.

Update 2

Press release here.


5 thoughts on “Bandai licenses Kurokami

  1. WTF,that is kinda weird. Has this ever been done? Also seems like there were a few shows this season that Bandai could have picked up.

  2. This hasn’t been done that I know of – either the simultaneous TV broadcast or the dubbed before it airs (though I could be wrong about the 2nd part).

  3. I take that back, one show did this before. SD Gundam Force. It aired in US before Japan, although I don’t know if it was dubbed. This is pretty awesome though. Sadly I don’t have IATV so stream would be amazing. This would be an excellent way to kill off all fansubs.

  4. I rather agree. If they just dumped this stuff on, like, hulu subbed, then that would take care of most of it.

    Of course it may not be quite as simple as that, but something like that certainly.

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