Bandai licenses Kurokami

Kurokami is a new series scheduled to start airing in Japan in January 2009.  Bandai’s twitter says that the series will be dubbed into English for iATV.  No word yet on whether there will be a simultaneous online release subbed in English or not, yet.


That iATV airing will be simultaneous with airings in Japan and Korea, meaning it’s already been dubbed.  That’s a first as far as I know.  Cast includes Laura Bailey, Jason Griffith, Julie Ann Taylor, Stephenie Sheh, and Christopher Kromer, via Bandai’s website.

Update 2

Press release here.

ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 09

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 9, and Yuuko returns home to her brother, but Yuu decides to go after her. What results is Yuuko’s adoptive brother completely and utterly losing it. Meanwhile, Kuze is also losing it in another way.

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12 Moments of Anime Day 1 – Anime Memes Gone Wild!

2008 seemed to be the year that I ran into both new and old anime memes which just reminded me that, you know, I think all of us involved in this niche called anime really are insane.  But then again, all of this is in good fun as well and helps keep the community together (and entertained).

Two memes seem to highlight all of this the most for me – one which is old but which I just ran across this year, and the other is, I believe, new this year.

The first is the surprisingly addictive nature of Caramelldansen.  Now, interestingly enough the dancing characters isn’t what I necessarily liked the most about this meme – the song itself is addicting.  However, this song did bring about some pretty cool videos and AMVs and I have two favorites in particular.

The first is what is perhaps the best AMV I’ve ever seen called Sugardansen:

The other is a hilarious presentation of “misheard lyrics”:

The second meme – one I didn’t necessarily participate in, but which was rather hard to avoid – was the infamous Kyonko obsession:

The evil Kyonko fetish spread like wildfire this year

Personally,I never got much about the genderbending since one is still lusting over a guy, it’s just that…they’re now a girl, but whatever.  I’m just glad that my fear of hordes of Kyonkos showing up to dance the Carmelldansen dance at Otakon didn’t come true.

In any case, memes gone wild helped define the anime community this past year, earning it a place on this year’s 12 Moments of Anime list.

The 12 Moments of Anime project is the brainchild of CCY.

My First WordPress 2.7 Glitch

At least I think it’s a 2.7 glitch, as I’m not sure how long this has been occuring.

Over on the far right sidebar, where I have my categories, it shouldn’t be displaying any of the same categories listed under “Bloggged Series” or “Miscellaneous Series” in the middle bar yet…it is.  I know that the function call to list categories is working, and I know that the category numbers that I’m trying to exclude on the right sidebar are right, because that’s what I”m using to show only the specific categories on the middle bar.

I’m not exactly sure what’s happening.  I mean, it IS excluding the categories that I’ve listed, but it’s not excluding those category’s children, as it had been previously.  If that’s a change in the code, it’s a rather annoying one, and it’d be nice if there is any “exclude category and it’s children” attribute to replace it with.