WordPress 2.7 smooth so far.

So far the only thing I’ve had to alter is my usual going in and changing a couple things manually in the code for the gallery to make it work the way I like, since you can’t do that through the admin panel yet.

A couple other things that I wish were included and weren’t are having a panel for upcoming posts on the dashboard on top of recent drafts, plus I wish they had kept the actual date that upcoming posts were going to be posted on the posts page (instead of just saying “in 7 days” or whatever), but those are mostly minor.

I haven’t YET run into anything which makes me roar with rage yet.

The things I like best are the ability to remove things from the dashboard (and the create/edit post screen) as well as the ability to move things around. No more having to scroll down the page to pick the categories. Yay!


4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 smooth so far.

  1. I had to reverse the install of WP2.7 because it gave me real trouble with the RSS feeds. It is a problem with the permalinks. If I try to use the “day and name” parameters, all posts are not shown in the RSS feed. Did you had any trouble with that? How you solve it? I hope you can help me on that. Thanks!

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