How to elicit a hard rebuke from an anime company

I don’t know about anyone else, but doing this seems to be about as dumb as those chicks who posted pictures of them taking a bath in the KFC sinks on the internet.

Not only are they continuing to fansub Soul Eater, which Funimation sent out C&D letters out for, but their fansub webpage is a very close approximation of Funimation’s actual website (including logo).  Now, perhaps one can remark how Funimation should have grabbed up all the various funimation domains for themselves (funimation, funi, funimation-entertainment, funimationentertainment x .com, .net, .biz, etc.), but the best way to get a company to come after you is to blatantly commit copyright infringement on their company branding.


7 thoughts on “How to elicit a hard rebuke from an anime company

  1. *LOL* Man, that’s about a brazen as you get. However, people will do almost anything to gain traffic. I’m wrapping up an article now (to be published tomorrow I’m thinking) about some blogs using other blog’s images, thus not only stealing those site’s bandwidth, but some of their traffic too.

  2. Man, if I steal people’s images (which I very rarely do unless I just see something really, really good lol) I at least have the decency to save it on my own server when I use it lol.

  3. I believe people are taking a troll far too seriously. I’ve spoken to the people behind the site, and they’re more than willing to hand the domain over to FUNimation if requested.

    As of yet, they have yet to request (which would save them a lengthy UDRP process).

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