ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 08

It’s ef – a tale of melodies, and Yuu runs away with Yuuko hoping to save her that way, but still can’t run away from his own issues. Meanwhile, his adult self is still being forced to face his problems by Kuze, who himself can’t face his own problems.

Yuu and Yuuko decide to run away and finally after being rejected several places, they finally find a place to live and Yuu finds a job. However, Yuuko seems sad that Yuu refuses to, er, play with her in bed and continues to be concerned that she’s being a burden. She also almost runs away after thinking that Yuu is running away with her out of pity.

However, one day, Yuu runs into Yuuko’s brother in town, who proceeds to tell Yuu that he’s run away from everything – including his dying sister in the earthquake, by saving himself instead of dying with her – and that this running will eventually drive Yuuko back to her brother. He then tosses Yuu his sister’s watch, showing that he’s already broken into his apartment.

All this causes Yuu to wander around town in a daze. When Yuu doesn’t return, Yuuko notices that Yuu’s watch is gone, and remembering that Yuu said that he would never part with it, thinks that Yuu has abandoned her and returns to her brother’s as she has nowhere else to go.

In Mizuki’s arc, Himura and Kuze get into it over Kuze continuing to drive Mizuki away. Himura accuses Kuze of giving up on things before even trying, but Kuze just throws back that Himura continues to draw things out after they’re already finished and tells him that Himura will never see “her” again.

Mizuki then receives Kuze’s violin in the mail with a goodbye note. She goes to the beach to try to play, where Nagi runs into her, and tells Mizuki that she may be the one to save Kuze, since she never gives up and never runs aay.

This was the “take characters out back and slap some sense into them” episode as everyone seems to be making dumbasses out of themselves. First, there is Yuu, who decides to wander the town instead of returning to Yuuko, though he eventually does who knows how much later, assuming that Yuuko would wait for him.

Then there is Yuuko, who continues to be so fragile and untrusting that at the slightest sign she fears that Yuu has abandoned her and returns to the only place she knows, which is back home to her brother.

And of course, there is Kuze, who continues being an ass to everyone because he just doesn’t care, but it seems like Himura as an adult still has some business that he needs to attend to as well.

I just don’t know where either arc will go from this point on. Yuu is running out of options if he wants to save Yuuko, while Kuze appears to be becoming increasingly unstable and cruel when it comes to Mizuki.

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