Josh's Anime Blog Podcast coming back in January?

It’s a possibility.   I might try anyway.  Since my class next semester is in the middle of the week instead of on Monday, that helps clear out more time on the weekend.  I may also try moving my publish date from Saturday to Friday, as that’ll give me some flexibility to still post, even if I’m going somewhere on the weekend (I can just record Thursday and post it early Friday morning if I need to).

As a result, this is a place for people to post any suggestions or improvements you may have for my podcast (including a more creative name, if anyone has one).  I’m thinking of streamlining the news and new release section a bit if i can (speaking of that, I plan on relaunching the new releases posts in January as well).  All of this will probably cost me in the sense that the only series I’ll blog in the winter 2009 season will be the 2nd half of CLANNAD: After Story, but that’s fine with me for now.


5 thoughts on “Josh's Anime Blog Podcast coming back in January?

  1. I’ve never been much into podcasts and such… but if you can make it relevant, witty, not too long and in MP3 format, I definitely want. ^__^ I saw that your last two covered Metropolis and Umisho, respectively, neither of which I’ve ever seen; I think I’ll give those a try tomorrow.

    Good luck~ :D

  2. Hopefully if I can streamline news and new releases as I hope I can, it may get that short. However, unless I cut the opening and ending, those plus the review will probably take 6 or 7 minutes at least by themselves, and news often takes at least another 3 so…we’ll see.

    But I agree, the shorter the better.

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