CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 08

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 8, and under threat of police action, Yukine’s brother’s gang and their rival gang decide to have one final one-on-one battle to be the final battle. However, Yukine’s brother is still in the hospital, and in no condition to fight.

Back at school, Sakagami (who is still known by members of both gangs for her past gang busting) explains that the fighting has been increasingly escalating and it’s gotten to the point where the police might start getting involved. To try to avoid this, Yukine goes to the rival gang to try to stop the fighting. She ultimately agrees to their solution of having the leaders fight one-on-one with the winner of the fight winning the war.

Initially the gang plans on having Sunohara fight, as the other gang already thinks that he’s Yukine’s brother and the real brother is in the hospital, but after he and the rest of the gang is knocked out by Nagisa’s mother’s bread, Okazaki takes it upon himself to be the substitute. He and the other gang leader fight into the night (with Okazaki getting the brunt of the hits) until Yukine’s gang wakes up and, enraged to see Okazaki beaten up, they charge the other gang’s leader, which causes the members of the other gang to charge too. Only the arrival of Yukine’s brother halts them. The opposing gang leader charges him and punches him, only to reveal that it is actually Yukine in disguise, who showed up dressed as her brother in order to stop the fighting.

Ultimately we learn that Yukine’s brother died quite a while ago, but his death was covered up by the gang because they were afraid that they would be overrun by their rivals. It ultimately was his death that drew Yukine and the gang together, and the revealing of his death finally leads to peace between to the two factions.

Awww, poor Yukine. It’s always sad when a story arc results in revealing that one of the character’s loved ones has died, like Yukine’s brother, but Yukine has been sad about this all along, but has bravely tried to show a happy face anyway. At least she didn’t come off too worse for wear after being punched in the face by the other gang leader while under disguise.

Like Sanae’s arc, I’m kind of sad that this story arc was only two episodes long.  I’ve read a couple of other reviews for this episode, and it seemed like the consensus was that this was only a mediocre arc and didn’t fit in with the series very well.  Maybe I’m biased because I already liked Yukine, but I thought this was a nice arc.  I’m not sure how this arc pushed along the story any more than either of the two previous arcs, so I’m not sure what the problem is. *shrugs*

We’re only 1/3 of the way through the series, and we’re running out of characters to have arcs for. I think we have Ryou left, but I’m not sure who else.  At this rate I’m rather expecting at least the last half of the series to be nearly entirely about the “After Story” that this season is named after.

We also appear to have our first direct connection between the town and the Land With no Birth and no Death with the lights in the barren land and the light orbs that show up whenever something happy happens in the town, at least according to the town legend.


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