ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 07

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 7, and Yuuko continues to reveal her darker side to Yuu, but he’s forced to face repercussions he hadn’t considered in his wish to save Yuuko. Meanwhile, Mizuki tries to see Kuze again, but is turned away once again.

In the Yuu/Yuuko arc, Yuuko continues to pile the blame on Yuu, who feels guilty for having abandoned Yuuko as a child. However, when he asks why she didn’t tell him before, she remarks how he wouldn’t have come to love her then, and telling him after he’s already fallen for her is her revenge on her. She also explains that she used the “bullying” as an excuse to have him get closer to her. She then shows the object she’s been carrying around with her – which turns out to be a knife – saying that her brother has told her that she can kill him whenever she wants.

Yuu takes the knife and goes to her house, with the intent of killing her brother, but he tells Yuu that killing him will ruin his future and reveal Yuuko’s shame to the entire world – the only thing that kept Yuuko from killing her brother herself. This drains enough of Yuu’s willingness to kill him, that Yuuko’s brother then beats up Yuu and yells at him for not having the guts to kill him, and that the next time he comes, he better have the guts to do it or he’ll be the one to die.

In Mizuki’s arc, Mizuki goes to both Kei and HImura for advice. Kei suggests, based on text messages from Hiro and Miyako, that Kuze might be “lost” and can’t find himself, while Himura’s guidance is that Kuze is a liar (though not necessarily in a bad way).

As a result, Mizuki goes to see Kuze again, but Kuze bullies her into leaving, but then has another attack and is barely able to crawl to his medicine. He then reveals just how much he doesn’t want to die.

Well, Yuuko has decided to reveal a rather nasty side of herself, though I still think she loves Yuu. She is just in the bind that she can’t make her situation end without revealing her situation and shame to the entire world. This of course buts Yuu into a bind over how he can save Yuuko without causing the same fate for her. One possible way is for him to finally convince her that it isn’t or shouldn’t be her shame and then they can do something about it.

On top of all of this – if the abuse of Yuuko wasn’t enough to confirm this – Yuuko’s brother has some serious issues and basically has a death wish. It also appears that part of his own personal torment is his inability to remember what the face of his own sister looked like.

I’m still lukewarm on Mizuki’s arc. It’s been the least interesting to me all along, and while Kuze going crazy is somewhat intriging, it just doesn’t seem like very much is going on there, overall. As far as Nagi, it seems like she’s just saying that she’s Kuze’s fiance just to help Kuze keep Mizuki away.