CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 06

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 6, and Tomoya finishes up dreaming about Misae and Shima, and wakes up with something important to tell Misae.

We finish off Misae’s arc, with Misae’s friends encouraging Shima to comfort and confess to Misae. However, along the way, Shima remembers that he’s not the real Shima – that Shima is actually dead and used to be his best friend and that he’s there to fulfill his final wish. Finally Misae asks Shima out to the Autumn Festival, where Misae uses her wish: for Shima to love her forever. However, after that, his duty finished, Shima vanishes.

Tomoya, having been shown all of these events by the cat, finally wakes up with very important instructions. The cat follows Nagisa and Tomoya to the Autumn Festival, with cat in tow, and Misae finally catches up, looking for it. There, Tomoya tells Misae what the cat asked him to: he’s sorry he left and he’s back to fulfill her wish: to be there and to love her forever. But the cat also wishes Misae to move on and to find her own happiness as Shima is now in the form of a cat, there to watch over her.

Well, that was an interesting episode. In any case, what I think went on here is this: Misae comforted the real Shima at the hospital. However, that Shima died, but not before wishing “his best friend” – his own cat – to grant Misae a wish, and then the cat took the form of Shima (or at least a similar form) until it’s mission was over, and then retook on the form of a cat so it could be with Misae from that point on.

Also, I guess Tomoya has run into so many strange happenings that cats projecting dreams into his head and asking him to do things no longer makes him think twice about what the heck is going on lol. In any case, it’s nice to see some of the old faces, such as Fuko’s sister and to see a more in-depth history of some of the more minor characters. Now the question is: whose arc is next? It appears the winner is Yukine. Yay, I’m glad we’re about to learn more about her as well now too. She’s probably my favorite character outside of the core group.

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