CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 05

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 5, and now that Sunohara’s arc is finished, it’s time to learn more about his dorm mother: Misae.

Nagisa and Okazaki come to Sunohara’s apartment to bring him leftovers, when they find him getting pummeled by Misae for trying to sell her cat. They discuss her cat, Nanashi (“no name”), and how it seems to like Okazaki so much, and how it just seems to hang around Miae. Misae then suggests that Okazaki take Nagisa out on a date to the festival and then, later as Misae and Nagisa chat, the cat appears to tell Okazaki about a wish as he dozes off…

The rest of the episode is spent while Misae is in high school. She attempts to ask out the boy she likes, but is interrupted by a small boy she doesn’t know named Shima.Mis ae, naturally, gets angry at him, but he tells her that she helped cheer him up when he was at the hospital, and as a result, he’s been granted the right to grant her and only her one and only one wish, and it is his mission to grant that. However, things start going wrong when Shima becomes the unwitting bearer of bad news involving Misae’s crush – being the one to have to tell her that he is already dating someone.

We haven’t seen a lot of Misae before, so I’m really glad that we’re starting to find out more about her and have a story arc involving her now. It seems obvious to me that Nanashi and Shima appear to have some connection, though how I’m not sure. I’m thinking it’s some sort of reincarnation, but I guess we may find out exactly how and why later. Meanwhile, Shima himself doesn’t seem to be everything he seems either, given the fact that he has this power to grant a single wish.

Misae obviously has some residual issues from a rather traumatic event from her past which has made her largely devote her life to others, but the finding out that her crush was already dating doesn’t seem to be a big enough of an event to be what caused it.

Also, at the start of the episode, the robot wonders what all the lights in the field of lights are, while during the episode, the cat appears to tell Okazaki something about the wish being a ball of light. I have a feeling that those are connected.


3 thoughts on “CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 05

  1. Teen Misae = Kyou + Tomoyo

    she’s such a beaut… n____n

    the cat appears to tell Sunohara something about the wish being a ball of light.

    it’s Okazaki, right? must check!

  2. Lol I think I remarked somewhere…maybe it’s in the episode 6 review, how Sanae in high school reminded me of Kyou lol.

    doh, and you’re right, Okazaki, not Sunohara. I guess my brain was taking a vacation.

  3. after the Misae story arc, Yukine is next. and the 2 Yukine episodes are kinda..boring… at least, for me. :D

    episode 10 is the start of pure drama! Okazaki x Nagisa! yay! XD


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