Come and go, come and go

So I came back, then left again, and now I’m back.  I at least have episodes queued up in wordpress for up to episode 6 for both ef and CLANNAD, so at least I’ve caught up to this seasons halfway point (I’m setting it up to post a new episode per day).  Tomorrow I’ll try to catch up to episode 8 or so, then hopefully get to episodes 9 and 10 – if they’re out yet – for both series by Sunday, though at that point the blog won’t actually be posting those episodes for, like, 2 weeks, if I keep doing one episode a day.  Though I’m mainly doing it 1 post a day for now in case I don’t go at the pace I mean to, so I have some days in reserve.

As for the podcast, I’ve had hallucinations about it coming back as a vblog come the finish of my masters (in May).  I say hallucinations because 1) I don’t have any software for video editing, 2) I have virtually zero experience in video editing, 3) I don’t have a webcam, and 4) I don’t really have money to buy anything – hardware or software.  As a result, it will probably remain a hallucination, though the podcast may return as that – a podcast – by then.

I’ve also started watching some series online since they’re available.  I tried picking up on Noein where I last watched via Netflix, but the audio ended up being out of synch on the Netflix feed, so I gave up on that.  Otherwise, I’ve watched through Episode 20 of Shuffle on hulu, and whenever they get around to posting more of School Rumble, I’ll probably start on that on hulu as well.  I’d be nice if Funimation – as well as other – anime companies started posting more series online like that.  I also noticed that Viz posted Death Note on hulu, so I may start on that in not too long as well.

On top of all of this, I’ve started to try to restart my run through my anime collection, which is becoming increasingly lengthy now that my anime collection has now reached a length of probably over 200 discs, and thus I’m guessing nearing 1000 episodes by now.  Pretty soon I won’t even be able to watch my entire collection in a year if I watched one disc a day every day.  That’s probably one reason why I’ve slowed down on my anime buying: the increasing consideration of how much I’ll actually be able to rewatch the series, so I think my standards are getting increasingly higher for buying series (though having no money helps with that too).

In any case, I guess I’ll stop this rambling mess before it gets any longer.

2 thoughts on “Come and go, come and go

  1. Josh! Okaeri, okaeri!

    Ohhh… you definitely are busy.

    vblog? nice! please do that, well, if at anyway that you can. I want to watch you. wehehehe.

    anyhow, best of luck to your studies.


    P.S.: I miss your Please Twins! header theme. Please restore that in the selection theme. I wanna use it when I frequent your weblog. Thanks! n_n

  2. I think the please twins one was a stretch when the site was narrower, so now that it’s wider, I’m not sure how well I can re-create it (at least not without finding bigger source material)

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