CLANNAD: After Story – Episode 04

It’s CLANNAD: After Story episode 4, and Mei decides to convince the soccer team to allow Sunohara back on the team, despite everyone telling her it’s a bad idea. To no one’s surprise, the plan turns into trouble.

Mei is determined to ask the soccer team to let Sunohara back on the team, even though they’re well known bullies. Their first attempt fails after the team just insults Sunohara, Okazaki, and Nagisa. After talking to Yukine and telling her why the soccer team doesn’t like Sunohara – he fought back after they tried hazing him, basically – Mai decides to go back to the soccer team. However, despite being their ball boys for the day, the soccer team still doesn’t give in, and starts harassing Mai herself. Okazaki is about to start a fight when Sunohara arrives out of nowhere to protect Mei, and Sunohara and Okazaki duke it out with the soccer team.

Afterward, Okazaki picks a fight with Sunohara for not looking over Mei, and for not caring that they lead him to believe that she was dating Okazaki. However, Okazaki said that he thought it would be fine if she dated Okazaki, but he still watched from the side. However, by the next day, they simply laughed off the whole matter and make up.

So this appears to wrap up Sunohara’s arc as he shows himself to not be quite as worthless as he appears, and after some good fights, he and Okazaki make up. We also got to see some of Sunohara’s history, such as his falling out with the soccer club and how he first met Okazaki.

Sunohara also finally finds out that Sanae is Nagisa’s mother, though only after trying to ask Akio for permission for him to date his “daughter.”

Overall, this was a pretty good arc – and now that I know that this season is a full 24 episodes, I don’t particularly care about them spending time on this now. Next up it looks like it will be Misae’s turn to have a story arc.


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  1. They should jump to Nagisa’s After Story arc. Y’know, Ushio and some family stuff.

    Joshy-boy, what’s up with you lately? You should catch up with your blog. :D


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