ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 03

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 3. Mizuki learns a terrible secret about Kuze, who is trying to stomp out their relationship before it goes too far. Meanwhile, Yuu finds out that Yuuko is being bullied.

In the Himura arc, Yuu finds that Yuuko is being bullied by the other girls at school due to their hiding Yuuko’s indoor shoes, destroying her outdoor shoes, and writing vulgarities in her magazines. This starts to bring Yuu closer to Yuuko, despite his previous apprehension, and he starts to be protective of her, even though he denies that he has feelings for her. Despite this, Mr. Amamiya, who is Yuuko’s adopted brother, still can’t convince Yuu to join the Art Club, which he wants him to do, in part, so that Yuu can convince Hirono to stop drawing while naked, something which he is understandably getting complaints about.

Meanwhile, in Mizuki’s arc, she tries to visit Kuze at his house again, but Kuze doesn’t answer. Mizuki then goes around town, first going to the church, where he meets Yuu Himura. He warns Mizuki to not “get in too deep” with Kuze. She then visits the old train station where she finds Chihiro. Upon mentioning Kuze, Chihiro remembers something and finds a note in her diary. However, this note, which she shows to Mizuki, says that Kuze is about to die. For this reason, Kuze has also decided to break things off with Mizuki.

Kuze decides to play his violin one last time on the beach, which Mizuki is told about and dashes over there to listen to. However, Kuze sets his violin and case on fire, which Mizuki tries desperately to put out, even burning her hands to do so.

The Mizuki and Kuze story arc seems to be accelerating quite quickly, so there must be something else about Kuze that will stretch that arc out for the remaining 9 episodes or so. Mizuki seems to be falling for Kuze, partly because she’s lovelorn and she’s looking for anyone, and Kuze is the closest and easiest person to fall for.

Meanwhile, I continue to be intrigued by the Yuu/Yuuko story arc. Yuuko is obviously being bullied quite a bit, and I’m almost certain we haven’t discovered the full extent of it yet. Even so, Yuuko doesn’t seem to mind being the other girls’ punching bag – a fact which seems to piss Yuu off as much as the bullying itself.


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  1. The source of Yuuko’s bullying is as much a mystery to me as the reason why she doesn’t seem to care. Oh well, I suppose it just makes her mysterious?

    Otherwise to that, great episode as always. Mizuki/Kuze arc is getting more dramatic :P

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