First Impressions – Yozakura Quartet

After watching the first two episodes, this series looks like it has some potential to be a pretty good series, as long as it doesn’t fall into the trap of a predictable “monster of the week” type series.

In this series, humans and youkai have long lived together on earth, though usually not all that peacefully.  As a result, the town of Sakurashin was established as a place where youkai and humans could live together harmoneously.

To keep the peace, the town has an organization called the Youkai Life Consultation Office which consists of 4 members: Hime, who some of the members call the “Mayor” (though I’m unsure whether she actually is the mayor of the town) and who is a powerful youkai, Kotoha, who is a youkai who can conjur up just about anything, Ao, a youkai who can read minds, and Akina, a human who is the only person in the town who can use “tuning” – a method through which bad or out of control youkai can be sent back to their dimension.

So far, it looks like some bad youkai dude is trying to cause problems with the Nana-gou trees around the town which are meant to keep bad things out, but what exactly his goal is, I’m not sure.

In any case, this series seems to have some interesting characters in it and the first two episodes look promising, so I’m hoping for the best with this series.


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