ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 02

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 2, and we learn more about Yuko and Yuu’s past while Mizuki continues to fall more for Kuze‘s trap.

We learn more about Yuu and Yuko’s past. When they were way younger (like around 6 or 7) they were both in the same orphanage. Yuko would often hang out with Yuu, usually to his displeasure. Part of that is because Yuko reminded him of his sister Akane who apparently died when their house burned down. Yuu also resents Yuko for being adopted when he was not and was only able to leave the orphanage when he left for high school. Seeing Yuko in high school just brings him bad memories of both the orphanage and his sister.

Meanwhile, Mizuki and Kuze still seem to be on good terms, though they go rather goofy this time as Mizuki demands to clean Renji’s clothes despite his objection (since she’s washing her clothes), and when Kuze passes out in the house, Mizuki ends up bashing his head on a table multiple times trying to get him on a couch. In the end, Mizuki pays Kuze a late night visit where she tells him that she loved his CD and feels like that she’s fallen in love with him now.

Is it just me, or am I the only one who finds the Yuko/Yuu story to be a lot more interesting than the Mizuki/Kuze one. I guess part of that is Kuze’s mysteriousness and his apparent hidden side, plus the fact that Kuze is how much older than Mizuki? There is kind of a “eww” factor in play there. Meanwhile, the Yuko/Yuu thing feels more interesting – and it ties into the first series as well.

Overall, I’m not as impressed with this series as I was a tale of memories, but it’s still somewhat interesting.


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  1. Actually, is funny that you should say you’re enjoying the Yuu/Yuuko storyline more, because I actually think its pretty dull so far. Mizuki and Kuze are much more interesting characters, and I think if it goes by the game, Mizuki will have a crush on Kuze, but Kuze will never be romantically interested in her.

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