ef: a tale of melodies – Episode 01

It’s ef – a tale of melodies episode 1. This series appears to be both a prequel and a sequel to the first series as we both get a look into some of the adult characters’ pasts while also looking ahead towards Mizuki.

The episode starts with Yuu and Yuu hanging out talking about the not necessarily good old days before flashing back to a time when the two were in high school. It appears like Kuze is, naturally, the trouble maker, while a girl, Nagi Hirono – presumably Hiro’s mother even though she looks like Chihiro and Kei – calls Yuu up to the art room where she is current painting a self portrait. Of herself naked. At the same time, Yuko shows up and asks Yuu if he remembers her, and he does. However, he’s not too pleased to see her, asking her to “give up” and “not make him remember those times” when they knew each other 10 years prior.

The second half of the episode deals with Mizuki, who is crashing at Renji’s place over break. She heard a beautiful violin played the day before, and Renji says that that was Kuze. Mizuki decides to visit Kuze despite Renji’s attempts to persuade her not to, and she seems to enjoy herself in his rather sparse apartment. However, not everything may be what it seems with Kuze.

OK, this series started out bizarrely in a sense. First off, who paints pictures of a nude model at school after school, much less themselves nude, much less invite one of their classmates into the art room while you’re doing it. It also puts some family trees into question as, like I said, my first thought was that she was Chihiro and Kei’s mother until I realized that her last name was the same as Hiro’s. Did we have some Star Wars drama in the first series between Hiro and Kei and didn’t know it?

In the second half, Mizuki seems to be a little too comfortable with Kuze, though I think it’s more of an admiration and thinking he’s cool more than anything else. In the meantime, Kuze has already suggested that he wouldn’t mind getting in her pants (classy, since he’s how much older than she is?).

The only main player from the first series that we saw in this one, other than the adults, was Renji, and that may have only been to bring Mizuki and Kuze together. In any case, I guess it looks like we’re going to learn about the past history of many of these people in this series, which should be interesting of it’s own accord.